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Sexual Eros Astrology shows your erotic & passionate personality

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The zodiac sign position of the Eros Asteroid can reveal a lot of your erotic needs, along with the degree of your erotic character. The Eros asteroid in your natal chart can disclose your sex and passionate desires. Be aware of the sexual and passionate side of the personality with this particular sexual Eros astrology love sign report.


Eros passionExactly how should we interpret an individual's sexual character utilizing their natal chart? Because sexuality is complex, there is not one easy formula for identifying a person's sexual preferences, dreams, and designs of sexual expression. Probably of all the most significant asteroids, Eros relates to love and attraction.


The Asteroid Eros can shed some light on a lot of our erotic actions. In mythology, Eros the god of sexual love and cravings was considered alluring. In Roman mythology, Eros was referred to as Cupid. In Greece, Eros was portrayed like a winged beautiful youth, frequently with eyes covered to represent the blindness of love. Sometimes he held a flower, but more generally the silver bow and arrows, that he shot darts of desire in to the busts of gods.


Eros controls your brain with love and sex. Eros signifies sexual quests, lust, passion and needs, and creativeness. Eros love sign represents passion, and all sorts of stuff that can go wrong by using it. By knowing the positions of Eros in 12 zodiac signs, we are able to better relate the various needs and sexual drives of the body.


Along with planet of love Venus and sexual Mars, Eros is definitely an asteroid worth considering in your chart along with your lover’s chart.


Eros cupidAsteroid Eros in the 12 Zodiac Signs have different meanings:

Eros in Aries

Within this sign, Eros wants accomplishment, competition, confrontation. Eros in Aries is extremely active and a constantly busy lover.


Eros in Taurus

Within this sign, this means pure and natural, undiluted personal and sensual gratification.


Eros in Gemini

Eros in Gemini has a feeling of mental objectivity along with a distinct requirement for space.


Sexual AstrologyEros in Cancer

Eros in Cancer longs to become wanted and that he craves the other’s attention and deep requirement for attachment.


Eros in Leo

Eros in Leo requires lot of physical energy and loves a lot of playful sex.


Eros in Virgo

Eros in Virgo does possess a lot of lust and erotic desires.


Eros in Libra

Eros in Libra is able to live life, and likes the exchange of ideas.


Eros in Scorpio

Eros in Scorpio zodiac sign goes frequently through intense and perhaps taboo sexual encounters which always end in a total change and unification.


Eros in Sagittarius

Eros in Sagittarius favors an active and challenging time with your loved one.


Zodiac Love Sign ErosEros in Capricorn                     

Eros in Capricorn includes an effective want to have a strong physical connection but with strong hesitation too.


Eros in Aquarius

Eros in this zodiac sign includes a sexual disposition highlighting around very bizarre sex.


Eros in Pisces

Eros here might lead to adoration and a strong feeling of unity.


If you have no idea of your sexual Eros astrology sign, then obtain a free sexual horoscope and find out what it really discloses regarding your passionate personality.

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