Aquarius Zodiac Sign – Personality

“Not only march to a different drummer, they make up new music as they go along”.

Strong and irresistibly charming Aquarians are usually of two types, either they are shy, introvert, patient or they are bombastic, pompous, flaunting in nature. However in both cases they suppress their inner intellectual self under the veil of apparent aloofness and lack of curiosity.


Sometimes they act obstinate and to prove their point they can go to any extent at that time. People of this astrology sign hunt for excitement and adventure may appear fascinating to their new acquaintances but most of the times it leads to escapism from the drudgery of mundane life.

Their sense of harmony with nature, spirituality and advanced understanding of science, technology and different art forms appear to be commendable and worth mentioning. This is just one aspect of the outer self of Aquarius zodiac sign.

Aquarius Pet Astrology

Gentle is the keyword that best describes the animals of the Aquarius zodiac sign. You will find the Aquarius pets barking or meowing very softly just because they want to hear the sound of their own voice. As animals they are extremely intelligent, witty and intellectual.

Aquarius Pet Horoscope
Aquarius Pet Horoscope

Born under this Aquarius sign, these animals are very fast learners and tend to pick up things very easily. If properly trained and nurtured, Aquarius pets become the most loyal and committed pets and will follow all your orders. At times, they prefer to remain in solitude and be aloof and if in those times you try to cuddle or love them, they will get irritated very easily.

Besides, the Aquarian pets are always curious and nosy even about the minutest thing. This is the only pet in the zodiac who love to have vegetarian food. They are health conscious and a bit shy to express their feelings and emotions.