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Gemini Pet Horoscope

Air is the element of the Twins. As a result, birds go very well with the Geminean nature. Tiny and delicate creatures attract the Gemini people and they prefer to keep parrots or cockatiels as their pets.Read on to know more pet astrology for Geminis. Born under this sign of the zodiac, the Gemini folks … Read more »


Aquarius Career Horoscope

Aquarians do not believe in repetitions. Traditional way is a ‘NO! NO!!’. He/she will immediately start pointing out the shortcomings and the loopholes of the traditional method followed forecasts their career horoscope. As employees, the Aquarians are adaptable and have the habit of leaving a good impression upon the colleagues of the opposite sex. Energy … Read more »


Virgo Career Horoscope

It is typical Virgo characteristic to analyze people, situations and different type of problems and fix them up quickly and logically. They are both the thinkers and solvers. Independence is something which they crave for. Apart from this they too need space for them selves to work and execute their duties properly. As colleagues they … Read more »


Taurus Career Horoscope

After the Rams, the next worker bees of the zodiac are the Bulls predicts the Taurus career horoscope. If you want your work to be done and completed within the specified time, then the best decision is to call upon a Taurean and rely on him/her until the work gets done. And believe me they … Read more »


Libra Zodiac Signs Calculator

Being a cardinal sign helps Libra to have leadership qualities with strong determination, high ambition and aggressive goal setting nature. Libra zodiac sign can make a successful boss as he/she can handle people well and sensibly. However, a Libran can be highly emotional and temperamental too at times when he/she becomes bored with their balancing … Read more »

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Cancer Zodiac Sign – An Introduction

Known as the significant expedient of feminine sensitivity and motherly nurturing, the Cancer zodiac sign has innate qualities of being a protector, a savior or a nurturer. From point of relationships, a Cancer can play the role of a Best Mother for its loving, gathering and giving nature and as a friend, it can weigh … Read more »


What Is Reiki?

One of the oldest Japanese techniques of energy and spiritual healing is Reiki. It is generally practiced by placing of one’s hands on a sick person and making him believe that he will be fine. Similar to the Chinese culture ‘Chi’ that flows through an individual’s body, Reiki is also the ‘life force which flows … Read more »

Sagittarius Career Horoscope

The carefree Sagittarius best suits to be in a sales team. A charming personality and a smiling and jovial nature is a common characteristic of the Archer at the workplace. The most important aspect of their characteristic trait is hope. Let whatever happen, the Sagittarians people never lose hope, predicts the 2013-2014 career horoscope. As … Read more »


Scorpio Zodiac Sign – Personality Traits

Lucky color Gold and Purple, Lucky stone Topaz and Opal, main element water, we are talking about none other than Scorpio zodiac sign who are queer combinations of courage and vengeance, passion and determination. The second symbol of Scorpions is Eagle, and the majestic bird personifies, freedom, clarity in vision, and sharpness. Scorpio people  hardly … Read more »

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Libra Pet Horoscope

When it comes to choosing pets, then also people of the Libra zodiac sign are driven by aesthetics. You are like the stylish guy who loves to set new fashion trends and this makes you all the more attractive to the people of the opposite sex. Pet astrology gives you an excellent overview about your … Read more »

Leo Zodiac Sign – Negative Personality

Lavish, grand, speculative lifestyles of Leos are not trouble free as they lose temper whenever things are not up to their expectations. In personal life this often results in marital friction and gives birth to infidelity and polygamy. The in-born attention seeking Leos, often end up annoying others as their sense of extremity and impulsiveness … Read more »