Taurus Zodiac Sign – Negative Personality

All you Taurean natives get ready for the revelation of your negative traits. Reading this article about the darker side of your personality could help you to put right yourself. And once you do so the negative vanishes and it could be all positive.

taurus negative traitsTaurus zodiac personality profile shows you are practical and materialistic. You are a slave to your appetite. You can control your expensive habits, but not when it comes to food. You love quality food, that to in good quantity.

Eating cannot be a negative trait. But, your ways are outlandish and bizarre. You put on weight faster than any other zodiac sign. And when the girth swells, you do complain. No amount of dieting works.

Taurus relationships are often too strong; and too fickle at times. You use your brain and only brain. You Taureans are sometimes described as passionate and emotional. The darker truth is that you are passionate about food, money and sex.

Another drawback of Taurus personality is that you are too silent at times. You keep mum and expect that others around you will pay attention to your silence and give you importance. Even in your love relationships you make it very hard for your partner to know you. Materialistic desire is your craving and you dwell in it.

Gemini Pet Horoscope

Air is the element of the Twins. As a result, birds go very well with the Geminean nature. Tiny and delicate creatures attract the Gemini people and they prefer to keep parrots or cockatiels as their pets.Read on to know more pet astrology for Geminis.

Born under this sign of the zodiac, the Gemini folks love to talk and it is their pet who gives them company throughout the day. Apart from birds and tiny creatures, an intelligent and witty dog say, the German shepherd will also prove to be great companion for the Twins.
Scorpio is the sign of the zodiac which influences the pet zone of the Gemini. As a result, you will be sharing a very close and intimate relationship with your pets. Animals are petted by you just for the purpose of companionship. Geminis are great speakers; so their pets need to be good and active listeners.

german shephard

Geminis are well known for being friendly and this very characteristic trait of the Twins helps them in creating a great rapport with their pets within a short span if time. The animals which prove to be the best pets for the perfect Geminean are eagles, ravens, wolves, reptiles, spiders, pike, vermin, scorpions and sharks.

Scorpio Zodiac Sign – Negative Personality

Hypnotic Scorpions are just like latent volcanoes, subdued aggression buried beneath the placid surface. However you are bound to succumb to their penetrating and magnetic persona as well. Hard to believe, such mighty character like Scorpions also stumbles on some unavoidable impediments in their lives.

For example in spite of being a little over confident they often suffer from inferiority complex where the scorpions feel disgusted by himself but remain too proud to look for any helping hand.


Lack of satisfaction till one point causes plight in scorpion’s lives sometimes but most unfortunate damage is caused by frustrating love affairs and withdrawal of close ones in their lives. Scorpions expect so much from their near and dear circle that they can hardly bear the soreness when expectation falters and other’s response fall short.

Capricorn Zodiac Sign – An Introduction

Capricorn zodiac sign people prove to be a resourceful and practical manager within assigned areas. Capricorns are self critical and they set high standards for both themselves and others. They like to work in a disciplined environment and demand equal level of dedication and hard work from his subordinates.

capricorn zodiac sign

Capricorn is a lover of deliberate persistence and is an ambitious and meticulous planner with a keen sense of economy that demonstrates their sheer ability to achieve organized results with least expense or effort. They excel in managing and supervising several projects simultaneously. You tend to take your time to acquire any goal with methodical, practical and thoughtful approach.

The lighter side of Capricorns seldom come forefront. The innate sense of competition and aggression to win makes you good at sports like golf, athletics, boxing; body building but not so good in sportsmanship as you lack graceful acceptance of any defeat or failure.

Aquarius Career Horoscope

Aquarians do not believe in repetitions. Traditional way is a ‘NO! NO!!’. He/she will immediately start pointing out the shortcomings and the loopholes of the traditional method followed forecasts their career horoscope.

As employees, the Aquarians are adaptable and have the habit of leaving a good impression upon the colleagues of the opposite sex. Energy is something which is unending among the pure Aquarian worker. Anybody trying to follow or assist them, generally run out of breath, as the energy level of these natives are unmatched.

aquariusAt the workplace, the Aquarians generally displays a dual personality – sometimes very serious and focused; at other times, relaxed and bouncing from one place to another. But whatever be their personality, Water carriers are basically the intelligent kind of people.

Some may consider Aquarian ideas to be abstract and impractical others think they are. kind and sympathetic and the best to work with. People of the Aquarius zodiac sign like their offices to be cozy and comfortable with a clean and tidy working table.

As an employer too, at times Aquarians can be difficult to deal with and again at other times kind and generous. A work or assignment well done is always recognized by the Aquarian boss and he/she will always be there to ‘pat’ the employee who did it.

Aquarians never discriminate, due credit if deserved is always there. As far as money, finance does not seem to bother the pure Aquarian. As employees, the Aquarians are basically timid people desist from asking for a hike. But otherwise they are generous and impulsive spenders.

Virgo Career Horoscope

career It is typical Virgo characteristic to analyze people, situations and different type of problems and fix them up quickly and logically. They are both the thinkers and solvers.

Independence is something which they crave for. Apart from this they too need space for them selves to work and execute their duties properly.

As colleagues they are very loyal, faithful, reliable and independent. Virgins always create a winning team. Virgo employees are always pampered and treasured by their employers and are kept by an organization for a long time.

They execute their work and responsibilities very well. Among all the other natives of the zodiac, the Virgo employees are a gem. Recognition is something which they want in return.

Virgins are basically the soft spoken and the soft hearted type of people. They lack the high power and authoritative nature which is required to become a successful and manageable boss. Very few people under this zodiac sign feel comfortable to be in a commanding position. Though the Virgos create ‘winning team’ but they fail to prove themselves as good and successful boss.


Being in an authoritative position they become dependent on their employees and most of the time work upon their ideas. The Virgos are the best cashiers among all the other signs of the zodiac. They are very speculative about money matters and always save up ‘for a rainy day’. Spending impulsively is something which repels the people ruled by this sign. Apart from this, they hate borrowing as well as lending money.

Sagittarius Zodiac Sign – Personality Traits

sagittariusA Sagittarian is a born fighter and will fight to any extent for their belief and ideals. He makes sure that he is updated and informed about all new progresses around himself and takes part actively in social life and new developments.

People of the Sagittarius zodiac sign are also well aware of the latest fashion trends and is seldom out of style being an active participant of social ceremonies.

However some of the Sagittarians turn out to be private people, but make it a point that they know about the most recent movie or the newest book in the shelf or any current political or global phenomena.

It is a known fact that they are the worshipers of truth and will always be upfront and straightforward about stating their mind.

Pisces Career Horoscope

As employees, the efficiency of the Pisceans depends upon their job profile. At the workplace they often tend to hide their emotions and motives and as a result within a very short span of time the Fishes become quite popular among colleagues. As individuals, a desire to work as an artist is normally their innate passion and what they hate the most – is to be under rigid and ordinary routine work. Pisces zodiac sign people always like to be just and fair to people no matter what the circumstances may be.


Pisces career predictions show that they are famous as writers, creative workers and sales people. Very rarely do they prove themselves to be great employers and bosses. They excel in areas where they can put their creative talents to work. For example, any scope related to sales and advertising.

As an employer in these fields, the pure Pisceans are sure to leave the employees stunned with their brilliant unconventional and creative ideas forecasts the Pisces career horoscope. The fact that people hardly like to hear the naked truth is something which these people understand very well, and this very understanding make the Piscean a ‘cool’ boss among the office employees.

As far as money and finances are concerned, the Fishes are not generally very greedy. But as workers, they obviously expect a good salary accompanied with handsome bonus and perquisites. You people follow the saying ‘cut your coat according to your pocket ‘very apt and as a result never land in trouble with money matters.

Taurus Career Horoscope

careerAfter the Rams, the next worker bees of the zodiac are the Bulls predicts the Taurus career horoscope. If you want your work to be done and completed within the specified time, then the best decision is to call upon a Taurean and rely on him/her until the work gets done. And believe me they will never let you down.

As employees Taurus zodiac people are very loyal, reliable, understanding and easy-to-get-along individuals. They tend to give their best output where team work is involved. They are excellent workers and carry out all orders and duties in a perfectly disciplined manner and that too without any sort of offense or anger.

Taureans as employers are very popular among their employees. They are considerate and understanding individuals giving the employees the required liberty. But one thing about which the Taurus boss is strict about is completing projects and allotted tasks. They believe to end whatever is begun and will expect the same from their employees as well.

As far as money making is concerned, the Taureans are articulate and are blessed with the success in money making. But basically they are very spendthrift in nature and this thing needs to be controlled and taken care of.

Libra Zodiac Signs Calculator

Being a cardinal sign helps Libra to have leadership qualities with strong determination, high ambition and aggressive goal setting nature. Libra zodiac sign can make a successful boss as he/she can handle people well and sensibly. However, a Libran can be highly emotional and temperamental too at times when he/she becomes bored with their balancing nature.

Try the zodiac signs calculator that testifies all the authentic characters and original features of a true Libran and seeks to find out important details like their favorable traits, strengths and weaknesses, lucky color, day, gemstone etc.


Cancer Zodiac Sign – An Introduction

Known as the significant expedient of feminine sensitivity and motherly nurturing, the Cancer zodiac sign has innate qualities of being a protector, a savior or a nurturer. From point of relationships, a Cancer can play the role of a Best Mother for its loving, gathering and giving nature and as a friend, it can weigh its worth in gold, for its natural affection and sensitivity towards emotions and feelings.

cancer zodiac sign
As the fourth house is concerned with knowledge and wisdom, a Cancer sun sign person can prove to be a good teacher and prophet, who can spread knowledge and words of deep insight assembled from their learning, knowing and personal experiences, to their fellowmen.

What Is Reiki?


One of the oldest Japanese techniques of energy and spiritual healing is Reiki. It is generally practiced by placing of one’s hands on a sick person and making him believe that he will be fine. Similar to the Chinese culture ‘Chi’ that flows through an individual’s body, Reiki is also the ‘life force which flows throughout the body.

The term ‘Reiki’ has been derived from two words – ‘Rei’ meaning the wisdom of God and ‘Ki’ which means energy. The combination of these two words symbolizes the spiritual guide of the energy of life force. It is a common belief among the Japanese that if the life force energy i.e. the Reiki, is low in an individual, then he may fall ill and become disease prone; while those who are high on this energy will lead a happy, peaceful and healthy life.


Principles of Reiki

Before starting the practice of Reiki, one needs to be aware of the several guiding principles. Understanding the principles enables a person to use the energy for spiritual and mental healing in an easier way. The principles have been discussed as follows:

1. Just for today – no anger: Anger is considered to be the most complex enemy of the mind. It creates obstacles in the flow of energy. Reiki helps in removing all the accumulated angers and brings peace to mind. But current anger cannot be moved by Reiki.

2. Just for today – no worries: Unlike anger, worries deal with one’s future. Though it is not a negative phenomenon, but it may create anxiety within the body. Reiki helps waive off all worries and relaxes the body.

3. Just for today – be grateful: Small words like thank you, forgive me, sorry, so good of you expresses the inner feeling of gratitude. It makes the life of others happy and brings joy to a person’s spirits.

4. Just for today – be honest: Honesty is the best policy. For a single day, try and do your work respectfully. Honesty brings abundance to the soul.

5. Just for today – be kind: Respect and honor your elders and teachers. Kindness brings love to the will power.

Reiki is the transfer of energy from outside to internal environment. In that case, for those who practice Reiki will be able to take the universal energy and transfer it within themselves. By doing this, it will change the internal energy level and allow several different types of healing to work.

 Reiki – a type of massage

reikiIn the recent past, Reiki has gained tremendous importance and popularity as a therapeutic massage. These days Reiki is being used as an alternative healing therapy of the body, mind and the soul. It transfers energy into the person who is taking the therapy and thus energizes his body and soul. The energy thus transferred, is balanced and realigned and is stored in the body of the person, who received the therapy.

The practice of Reiki therapy can be learned by anyone. The technique may have some spiritual nature but it must not however be considered to be a form of religion. The Reiki course is imparted in any massage school and it does not require any sort of specialization. Like aromatherapy and acupressure, Reiki too is an effective form of alternative healing.

Sagittarius Career Horoscope

The carefree Sagittarius best suits to be in a sales team. A charming personality and a smiling and jovial nature is a common characteristic of the Archer at the workplace. The most important aspect of their characteristic trait is hope. Let whatever happen, the Sagittarians people never lose hope, predicts the 2013-2014 career horoscope.


As employees, the natives born under this astrology sign are loyal, charming, hopeful and reliable. Falsehood is something which they hate the most. Sagi employees are the most treasured people to the employers, who want to retain them at any cost.

This ninth sign of the zodiac tend to get very easily bored if surrounded by dull colleagues and unenterprising people. Moreover, as employees, when the native of this sign looks for a job, they always want some kind of intellectual and demanding work.

careerThe Sagittarius zodiac boss is a very determined and stubborn individual. They believe in completing the task or project fully once it is taken up. Their office is more or less their permanent address.

Commitment and demanding nature are the keywords which describe these individuals the best. In fact, what makes the Sagittarius boss unpopular among his/her employees is their over demanding nature. The money predictions forecast that as far as making money is concerned, they are not much bothered about making quick money. They earn money through their hard work and believe to save a good amount for the unforeseen future.

Libra Zodiac Sign – An Introduction

Libra BalanceWelcome to the world of the Libra zodiac sign  or ‘The Balance’. Have you noticed that Libra is the only sign in the zodiac which is not represented by any living form of human or animal?

The astrology sign can be associated with the statue of the Goddess of Justice holding the dome of balance in her hands with her eyes covered with a black patch of cloth. This suggests that a Libran always believes in fair and equal judgment and stands for impartiality.

The seventh sign of the zodiac, Libra is the symbol of eternal balance and harmony. Sun enters Libra at the time of the year when the nights and the days are of equal length and the earth and sun are in balance, this natural parity implies the nature of the sun sign and its equilibrium. It is the time when Autumn begins and the harvesters weigh and balance their crops.

The zodiac sign is associated with the Egyptian deity called Anubis or the ‘Lord of the Dead’ who weighs each soul before deciding on his moral worth depending upon their deeds on earth. And then he would determine the destination of those deceased souls either to Heaven or to Hell. This suggests his great responsibility of making the final and fair judgment and even handedness. The mythology of Libra is also connected with Egyptian Goddess of Cosmic Order called Maat who is the epitome of wisdom and balance.


The scales or the balance is also linked to one of the oldest of Greek Goddesses called the goddess of ‘Divine Justice and Law’ called Themis who is the mother of the Seasons, the Time and the Three Fates who determine human destiny. Themis is considered as the benefactor of oracles and is personified as the ‘Social order of law and customs’ which is derived from the balance of nature and earth.

This is a golden opportunity to explore and discover all the nuances and mysticism of a true Libran soul.

Virgo Zodiac Sign – Personality Traits

“Who criticizes all she sees? Yes, even would analyze a sneeze! Who hugs and loves her own disease? – Yes, Virgo!”
virgoVirgo (The Virgin), the sixth sign which is a symbol of fertility is also associated with the production of crops. Virgo signified both the mother and the virgin in prehistoric times. Sphinx, which is the natural poser of riddles, is the original symbol of Virgo and thus the sun sign is known for its tendency to question and show curiosity and often turns inside to seek deeper insight and meanings about various aspects of life.

According to Egyptian mythology, Virgo was connected with the goddess of grain Nibada. Whereas in medieval times Virgo is linked with the conception of Messiah and the Virgin Mary. The sun sign is depicted as a girl holding sheaves of flowers, crops and corn and her affinity to fruitfulness and agriculture. Virgo being the natural ruler of the sixth house which is known as the ‘House of Service, Health and Work’ is the zodiac sign of logic and practicality, of realization of mind and intellectual and methodical approach to instinct.

The sixth house of the zodiac signifies a lot of aspects of a human being. For instance it governs people who fall under other’s care, respect and favors, and is also concerned with the health and well being of pet and domestic animals. On the other hand the sixth house of Virgo is also associated with work ethic and individual integrity. In short, the sixth house is determined by the manner in which humanity functions and is ruled by the planet Mercury.

Being an analyst and a purist, a Virgo is known as the critic of the zodiac and play successful role as servants, custodians and perfectionists of culture. Their sense of order, logic and practicality backed by their organizational skills and methodical way of doing things show their love for technological advances and state of art set ups.

They strive for a neat and tidy environment both in their offices and homes. However they sometimes let their intellect dominate their instincts and take a lot of delight in planning, sorting, storing and classifying. They might appear to be serious but prove to be diligent workers and employees with strong sense of duty and honesty.

Scorpio Zodiac Sign – Personality Traits

Lucky color Gold and Purple, Lucky stone Topaz and Opal, main element water, we are talking about none other than Scorpio zodiac sign who are queer combinations of courage and vengeance, passion and determination. The second symbol of Scorpions is Eagle, and the majestic bird personifies, freedom, clarity in vision, and sharpness.


Scorpio people  hardly sit idle and enjoy TV; you prefer a huge friend circle throbbing with enthusiasm and vigor. Owner of a magnetic personality and tremendous will power Scorpions forget and forgive none, and leave no stone unturned to reach their final destination.

They can hardly avoid the pangs of jealousy and tendency to overreact. Scorpio astrology people should control their temper and inborn violent streak which cause unnecessary predicaments in their lives.

Libra Pet Horoscope

When it comes to choosing pets, then also people of the Libra zodiac sign are driven by aesthetics. You are like the stylish guy who loves to set new fashion trends and this makes you all the more attractive to the people of the opposite sex. Pet astrology gives you an excellent overview about your preferred pets.

fish pondAnimals like the snake, cockroach, lizard and skinny little puppies get on your nerves. The Libran pets need to be elegant and stylish just like them. You feel attracted to the beauty of the little alien fish, and their placid meanderings, soothe your nerves. Lovebirds is one of the best choice of pets for the pure Libran, but their chirping at times might irritate you.

Pisces is the sign of the zodiac which influences the Libran pet zone. As such exotic aquariums or garden ponds or just a simple bowl of water with some fishes playing around is something you love to observe. Pedigree animals, their social behavior, their mannerisms and life style hardly bothers you because you have an inborn quality of adapting excellently with these little creatures. Animals with whom you can share an unconditional bond of love and friendship are mostly loved by you. The best pets for the Librans are fishes, monkeys, rabbits and elegant afghan hounds according to your pet horoscope.

Leo Zodiac Sign – Negative Personality

Bad LeoLavish, grand, speculative lifestyles of Leos are not trouble free as they lose temper whenever things are not up to their expectations. In personal life this often results in marital friction and gives birth to infidelity and polygamy. The in-born attention seeking Leos, often end up annoying others as their sense of extremity and impulsiveness seldom matches the plebeian mentality.

Being a perfectionist Leo sun sign people like to find errors in others’ work and make life hell for them. However the worst situation arises in Leo’s life when someone hurts their long boosted ego. Another unfortunate incident arises when the extravagance in the Lion king’s life sometimes brings severe financial crisis but with their strong will power and determination they overcome it in no time.

Aquarius Zodiac Sign – Personality

“Not only march to a different drummer, they make up new music as they go along”.

Strong and irresistibly charming Aquarians are usually of two types, either they are shy, introvert, patient or they are bombastic, pompous, flaunting in nature. However in both cases they suppress their inner intellectual self under the veil of apparent aloofness and lack of curiosity.


Sometimes they act obstinate and to prove their point they can go to any extent at that time. People of this astrology sign hunt for excitement and adventure may appear fascinating to their new acquaintances but most of the times it leads to escapism from the drudgery of mundane life.

Their sense of harmony with nature, spirituality and advanced understanding of science, technology and different art forms appear to be commendable and worth mentioning. This is just one aspect of the outer self of Aquarius zodiac sign.

Gemini Career Horoscope

Brilliant, restless and popular among the employees are the keywords which describe the Gemini boss best. Once assigned the position of authority, the Twins are fast and prompt to delegate and divide responsibility. Over sentimental or being excessively emotional is their personality type at the workplace forecasts the Gemini 2014 predictions.

The 2013-2014 Gemini career horoscope predicts that in their workplace the Geminis are very efficient in sorting things out and work in a systematic manner. Being clever and tactful individuals, these people make very good businessman and professionals and are blessed with money making efficiency.

Blessed with a quick mind and a sharp tongue, the Twins are very often found to switch from one project to another or from one job type to another. The Twin employees do not love or like to work overtime under any circumstance. They may lack dedication, commitment and the stability to be working in a single place.