The 5 Psychic Senses

Clairvoyance means ‘clear seeing’. This allows the psychic to obtain information by seeing either images or pictures in their head. (Third Eye). Clairvoyants can see auras and thought formed within the energy fields, as well as guides, angels, or other entities.

There are 5 main kind of psychic senses:

Clairaudience means ‘clear hearing’ hence the word audio, which is the psychic ability to sense through sounds and noises.

Clairsentience means kinesthetic ‘sensing’, which is basically clear sensation, clear feeling, and emotions.

Clairtangency means ‘clear touching’, which is the ability to sense through touch.

Clairscentience means ‘clear smell’, the ability to sense things through smell.


Meditation Can Develop Your Psychic Powers


Everyone is psychic, just some of us are more open and aware in more areas than others.

Here is a free simple meditation technique that can clear away any negative energies and open you up to love and a clear mind, also awareness to higher frequencies.

Find a place where you can be alone and undisturbed for 15 to 30 minutes. The quieter and more peaceful the “space” you create, the better. There doesn’t have to be anything fancy about the place, even an old rug in the corner of a basement will do.

  • Sit comfortably in a chair, or on the floor, or cross legged. It is better not to lay down, since it is easy to fall asleep.
  • Take a few deep breaths. Breath in through the nose, out through the mouth. The breaths should be deep, but comfortable. Do not force an uncomfortable expansion of the lungs.
  • Allow your mind to clear itself of stress, worries, anxieties and so forth. This is a special small bit of time, just for yourself, to experience peace, growth and renewal. Leave all other energies and considerations aside for these few minutes.
  • Close your eyes and imagine your spirit guide coming towards you in your mind. Be receptive to thoughts and feelings which might emerge, but do not try to seek them out. Resist the tendency to try to analyze what is happening. As much as possible, try to be an empty container into which spiritual energy can flow.
  • Feel free to ask your guide any questions you may have and if he/she was with you in a past life and what they used to do. You may feel a breeze, or see something in your mind, don’t worry if you don’t the more you meditate the stronger your abilities will grow.
  • After 15-30 minutes, slowly, gently bring yourself back to the external world. Touch the chair or the floor, open your eyes, speak out loud.
Spiritual Meditation

As is true with any meditation, it is best not to jar yourself back to normal consciousness. Don’t suddenly stop, jump up and take off to your next task or activity. When you feel that you are fully conscious and alert, the meditation is over.

This meditation can be safely done everyday. More than once per day is probably not going to increase the benefit. Meditating as little as once per week will yield definite benefits over a period of time. Be patient, don’t expect dramatic results quickly.

This is a process, an investment in your spiritual well being. You may also find that the feedback from the meditation does not come at the time of the meditation itself. Some people will experience the feedback in the form of dreams, or flashes of insight during the day.

The best approach to spiritual growth meditation is one of open trust, patience without any specific expectations.

After meditating on a regular basis, your mind will become much more relaxed and you’ll be able to go back to that calm state even quicker than before. Your clairvoyant powers will automatically be enhanced.

Spirit Guides Vs Guardian Angels

Who Is My Spirit Guide

 So what is a Spirit Guide and what does it DO? Here you will be able to find out and enlighten yourself!

Firstly don’t get mixed up between an Angel and a Spirit Guide, because there is a big difference between the two of them.

Your Guide For This Life

The difference is – An guardian angel has never had a life on this earth plane before and is a Messenger of God, however a Spirit Guide has had hundreds of lives before on this earth plane (with you) and are now known as ‘guides’ and ‘helpers’ to be able to help you with life in general.

Because they have had a previous past life with you, and you had a strong spiritual bond this is why they are able to help you in this life time. Spirit guides have had many life lessons to learn as we do too, however they now become spirit guides because they have completed the lessons on earth

When a psychic reader is giving a reading they will be working with YOUR spirit guides and THEIR spirit guides, and they communicate with the psychic and this is how the information is being given! Where as a Medium is working with someone who has passed over.

We ALL have spirit guides, yes even you! Not just one.. but usually around two or three. There is one spirit guide that is with you all of your life and never leaves your side, and you will find that other guides come in when you are in the process of learning certain lessons and they come in to help you with certain things.

Your spirit guide is always there for you when ever you need them, they don’t have to go off and leave you stranded, they are always there to guide you and help you, usually via your intuition, thoughts and feelings.

Your guides will always try to help you, however due to freewill there is only so much they are able to do, when it comes to you making decisions – They have to respect the choices and decisions you make in life, so cannot really change that, but they can give you gut feelings and as stated before intuitive feelings, letting you know whether something is right or wrong.

Guardian Angel

And once they have given you the feeling of knowing if it is right or wrong it is then up to you to make a decision on how you want to act, so unfortunately if you have a knowing that something is not right for you, and you still go ahead and do it.. they respect that due to your free will and cannot interfere.

I recommend anyone who wants to get to know their spirit guides to do so via soul meditation. You need to do this on a regular basis and commit yourself to a daily/weekly routine of opening up and working with them, some people develop faster than others, it really depends on the person and how busy your mind is!!

2013-2014 Capricorn Health Horoscope

2014 Capricorn Food Horoscope

Skeletal structure is associated with the Capricorn sun sign. They may suffer from arthritis, rheumatism and fragile bones and teeth predicts their 2014 health astrology. Natural calcium sources in milk and leafy vegetables are included in the prescribed diet for the Capricorn people in 2014 according to their food horoscope.

Phases Of The Moon – Waning Moon

Waning or Gibbous moon phase is shown after the full Moon, The last quarter, the left side of the Moon is now lighted and the other side is dark. During the time of the full Moon and the third quarter, the moon gets smaller and smaller, decreasing in size. It will continue to shrink until the full Moon arrives, where the cycle starts again. Get today’s lunar phase to know if it is waning or waxing.

Waning Moon Phase

2013-2014 Sagittarius Health Horoscope

Sagittarius Health tips

The sciatic nerve – the longest nerve in the body, and the liver are important to Sagittarius sun sign in 2014. Exercise of legs is good for the Sagis. Do not neglect your physical fitness in the coming year. The Sagittarius health predictions for 2014 forecast that taking care of your physical health is very important for you this year.

Phases Of The Moon – New Moon

The New Moon phase is a very good time to start something new, meet someone new, and change things, its a great time to get things moving, so that you will start seeing changes up to the full moon.

The lighted side of the Moon faces away from the Earth.  This means that the Sun, Earth, and Moon are almost in a straight line, with the Moon in between the Sun and the Earth, you cannot see this moon, it looks very dark. Get your moon phases for 2013-2014 right away!

New Moon Phase

Phases Of The Moon – Full Moon

The Full Moon phase is a great time for fulfillment, completion, potency, and self expression, it also sometimes makes us act a little odd, as the old myth says people turn into ‘lunatics’ due to the lunar energy, the tide is at its highest, so everything is emphasized.

The Moon is now facing the Earth, the moon is very bright with the sun reflecting off it, this is a good time for dreams, meditation and spiritual growth.

Full Moon Phase

Who Are Guardian Angels?

Guardian Angel

Angels are on a different plane to spirit guides who have had past lives on earth. Unlike other spirits an angel can appear in the form of a human or other physical manifestation.

A Guardian Angel is a highly enlightened spirit who helps each of us as an individual. We all have our own, and have atleast two with us since we were born. They help you with your spiritual/soul purpose. They also know anything that has happened to you in this lifetime and also any previous past life times as well. They are divine beings and come from a place of love and harmony and only bring positive guidance to you.

Importance Of Planet Moon In Astrology

Moon In Signs

The Moon is the most visible symbol in the solar system, which reflects the light from the sun, it represents the feminine side of us, the unconscious aspects of our dreams, memories, moods and mostly our emotions. The Moon Sign ruled by the element of water (our emotions) which effects the tide of the sea.

For example when the moon is at is fullest, the tide is usually at its highest, which brings out our emotions more, and bringing things into fruition.

The Moon is the ruler of the sun sign Cancer, which again is a very sensitive sign, and has its nurturing qualities to it.

The Moon is the closest planet to Earth, and manages to zip around all of the Zodiac signs within 28 days, it also spends around 2-3 days in each sun sign, so depending on which sign the moon is currently in, explains alot about our current emotions.

2013-2014 Gemini Health Horoscope

Gemini Health Predictions 2013

Body parts related to Gemini natives are lungs and the respiratory system. So the Gemini zodiac sign should avoid cold since they are prone to bronchitis and asthma. Gemini should practice meditation.

The 2014 Gemini health horoscope also advices your to control your stress and tension if you want to be fit and active in 2013, 2014.