The 5 Psychic Senses

Clairvoyance means ‘clear seeing’. This allows the psychic to obtain information by seeing either images or pictures in their head. (Third Eye). Clairvoyants can see auras and thought formed within the energy fields, as well as guides, angels, or other entities. There are 5 main kind of psychic senses: Clairaudience means ‘clear hearing’ hence the … Read more »

2013-2014 Pisces Health Horoscope

The Fish or Pisces zodiac sign is linked to the feet. Modern astrologers predict that Pisces governs the lymphatic system or the immune system. It’s essential for Pisceans to get enough sleep and relaxation in 2014. The 2014 Pisces health predictions forecast that foot related problems might occur. Read more »

Psychic Runes Reading

If you’re looking for a slightly different edge to your reading, the runes reading is an excellent and accurate option to to choose from! Rune Stones are ancient tools and have been used for many centuries, they have interesting symbols on each stone and have been used to give Psychic Readings, very insightful and full … Read more »