Spirit Guides Vs Guardian Angels

Who Is My Spirit Guide

 So what is a Spirit Guide and what does it DO? Here you will be able to find out and enlighten yourself!

Firstly don’t get mixed up between an Angel and a Spirit Guide, because there is a big difference between the two of them.

Your Guide For This Life

The difference is – An guardian angel has never had a life on this earth plane before and is a Messenger of God, however a Spirit Guide has had hundreds of lives before on this earth plane (with you) and are now known as ‘guides’ and ‘helpers’ to be able to help you with life in general.

Because they have had a previous past life with you, and you had a strong spiritual bond this is why they are able to help you in this life time. Spirit guides have had many life lessons to learn as we do too, however they now become spirit guides because they have completed the lessons on earth

When a psychic reader is giving a reading they will be working with YOUR spirit guides and THEIR spirit guides, and they communicate with the psychic and this is how the information is being given! Where as a Medium is working with someone who has passed over.

We ALL have spirit guides, yes even you! Not just one.. but usually around two or three. There is one spirit guide that is with you all of your life and never leaves your side, and you will find that other guides come in when you are in the process of learning certain lessons and they come in to help you with certain things.

Your spirit guide is always there for you when ever you need them, they don’t have to go off and leave you stranded, they are always there to guide you and help you, usually via your intuition, thoughts and feelings.

Your guides will always try to help you, however due to freewill there is only so much they are able to do, when it comes to you making decisions – They have to respect the choices and decisions you make in life, so cannot really change that, but they can give you gut feelings and as stated before intuitive feelings, letting you know whether something is right or wrong.

Guardian Angel

And once they have given you the feeling of knowing if it is right or wrong it is then up to you to make a decision on how you want to act, so unfortunately if you have a knowing that something is not right for you, and you still go ahead and do it.. they respect that due to your free will and cannot interfere.

I recommend anyone who wants to get to know their spirit guides to do so via soul meditation. You need to do this on a regular basis and commit yourself to a daily/weekly routine of opening up and working with them, some people develop faster than others, it really depends on the person and how busy your mind is!!

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