Fortune Telling With Colors For Prosperity

Did you know that you can find your fortune by picking colors that please you the most and colors that does not interest you and arrange it in order from favorable to unfavorable. Based on the colors you choose, your fortune can be read.

Color Fortune Teller

It is believed that colors decide your personality and hence each person finds particular color more closely to his life. The colors used in a Color Fortune Teller are Purple, Green, Light blue, Dark blue, Turquoise, Pink, Olive green, Orange, Yellow, Gold, Peach, Red, Grey, Black, White and Brown. If you choose Black, then it means you face heavy burden of problems. If you had chosen White, it means you are concerned about situation the outcome of which you are not sure. Fortune telling by colors is widely used for future predictions.

Celtic Ogham Oracle For Fortune Telling

Ogham is set of twenty symbols developed by the Celtic people. They had initially developed it as symbols for writing but later associated them with fortune telling. Each of these symbols represents a tree and that tree is a characteristic of each person. For example, the first symbol corresponds to alphabet B, which has Beithe as its Ogham name.

Celtic Ogham Tree Oracle


The Celtic tree zodiac associated with Beithe is Birch and it symbolizes Beginning, renewal and youth. Apple tree which symbolizes beauty, love and generosity is associated with Quert (Q). All you have to do is choose Ogham symbol that closely resembles you and find your fortune.

Significance Of The Native American Medicine Wheel

Medicine Wheel was used as method of ritual and fortune telling by Ancient Native Americans. They had drawn medical wheels as stone structures, with few more than 70 feet in diameter. Though some view it as a site for prayer or astronomical significance, many view it as site of divination.

Native American Medicine Wheel

You can construct your own medicine Wheel. All you have to do is take five stones or statues or crystals and arrange them in this manner – one in the center and rest four in four directions. It is generally preferred to arrange the specific elements for the directions. For example, if you want to make Medicine Wheel with animal statues, then place Butterfly statue in the Center, Wolf in the North, Mouse in the South, Eagle in the East and Bear in the West. Make sure the directions are perfectly aligned with magnetic directions with the aid of magnetic compass.

It is believed that Ether influences the center, while Fire, Earth, Water and Air influence the East, West, South and North directions respectively. Medicine does not mean the pills as we consider today. Ancient Americans thought of energy as medicines and since people remain in touch with energy via these wheels, these are called Medicine Wheel. One of the most popular medicine wheels is the Bighorn medicine wheel.

Medicine Wheel

Accurate Greek Alphabet Oracle

When a person can read your future and tell your fortune, he is a fortune teller. Both the person and the method of fortune telling are collectively termed as Fortune teller. A fortune teller practices these methods and once he is skilled in it, he becomes an expert in using the method to predict your fortune. There are various methods by which fortune teller predicts your life precisely.

Greek Alphabet Oracle: This method is based on the Greek alphabets. There are 24 Greek alphabets. They are Alpha, Beta, Gamma, Delta, Epsilon, Zeta, Eta, Theta, Iota, Kappa, Lambda, Mu, Nu, Xi, Omicron, Pi, Rho, Sigma, Tau, Upsilon, Phi, Chi, Psi and Omega. You might have seen or used a lot of these alphabets in your physics assignments. But these alphabets can also be used to predict your future.

Greek Alphabet Oracle

All you have to do is carve these alphabets in stones or ceramic and then cast them. Pick one alphabet from lot and based on the alphabet you chose, your future can be predicted. Another method is to put all the alphabet carving into drum and roll such that one falls out that predicts your future. If you get Alpha, then you will meet your goals and will have good luck in all your activities. If you pick Zeta, then you will face storm and it is better to avoid any risks.

Master Number 11 Numerology

Number 11 is known as a Master Number in numerology. It is said to be the most spiritual and intuitive of all numbers. Number 11 is believed to represent something beyond normal and out of this world. People who have number 11 present in their core numbers like life path or destiny numbers are known to be exceptionally talented. This is the number of enlightenment and recognition. Since number 11 when broken down becomes 2 (11=1+1), it also represents duality. Thus both masculine and feminine powers are incorporated in this number.

Master Number 11

Solve All Questions Related To Runes With This Runes Glossary

Runes Glossary is an online dictionary of runic terms, spreads, layouts and meanings or rune stones

Make use of the wonderful runes glossary to learn more about the different rune stones used in making accurate psychic predictions. Understand the meanings, significance, keywords and interpretations for different rune stones of the Elder Futhark, rune spreads and layouts. Get access to an amazing collection of vocabulary associated with runic alphabet readings. Try this free rune dictionary today to know how much it can help you with your study of runes.

Runes Stones

Refer To The Occult Glossary For Instant Answers

Occult Glossary Is An Online Dictionary Of Metaphysical Terms

Occult glossary is a handy reference for amateurs and veterans interested in the magick and spiritual world. Get instant answers to all terms related to occult, magic, magick, rituals, spells, Wicca, pagan, paranormal and metaphysical world. Use this online dictionary to clear your doubts and get clear and simple meanings for all occult terms, words and phrases.

Occult Metaphysical

Get Your Numerology Number Meaning Right Now!

Numerology Glossary is an online encyclopaedia of numerology number meanings.

Numerology glossary is an excellent online reference tool that explains meanings, definitions and significance of important and secondary numerology numbers. Get numerological calculations of each number explained in an easy way. Become your own numerologist with the guidance of this free online numerology number meaning dictionary. Get instant answers to all questions on numerology related words, phrases and calculations.

numerology numbers
Numerology Dictionary

What Does Your Dream Signify? Consult The Dream Glossary!

Dream Glossary is a collection of all dream symbols meanings needed for dreams interpretation.

This fabulous dream glossary helps you understand the different dream symbols for free. Know what each dream means and even know what each dream symbol means. Get dream symbols with interpretation that can help you analyze your dream. Just choose the term that you wish to get the meaning for and get instant answers! All keywords and meanings are arranged in alphabetical manner thus making it easy for you to find the words you are looking for.

Dream Glossary

Astrology Glossary For Amateurs And Experts

Astrology Glossary is an ABC encyclopedia of all astrological terms, meanings and definitions.

Get instant answers to your astrological doubts with this online astrology glossary. Use this free astrology dictionary to know the definitions and meanings of terminology used in astrology and zodiac calculations. Master astrology today and learn the basics of signs, planets, houses and other astrological features. Become a good astrologist under the guidance of this wonderful astrology reference tool. Understand the meanings and phrases used in Western, Vedic, Chinese and other forms of astrology.

astrology dictionary
astrology dictionary

Chinese Horoscope 2013 Zodiac Predictions

Chinese Horoscope 2013 predictions for the 12 Chinese astrology signs is right here! If you want to understand how you will fare in 2013, then wait no more! Get free Chinese zodiac 2013 forecasts and learn more about your personal energies and well being in this Chinese New Year.

Year Of The Snake - 2013
Year Of The Snake – 2013

2013 is said to be the Chinese Year Of The Water Snake. This year will bring excellent luck and fortune for individuals born under all Chinese zodiac signs. The dates for the Chinese Snake Year 2013 is between 10th Feb 2013 and finishes on 30th January 2014. Within this year, 2013 Chinese Horoscope forecasts that you’ll achieve all of your goals and you’ll be very fortunate with lots of luck!

chinese snake year 2013
Chinese Snake Year 2013

Chinese Astrology is made up of twelve animal signs. These twelve animals represent every year and also for every month, day and hour. The twelve zodiac animal signs are Rat, Ox, Tiger, Rabbit, Dragon, Snake, Horse, Sheep, Monkey, Rooster, Dog and Pig.

Each year is represented by a Chinese animal. For instance, if the year 2011 was the year of the Rabbit, then 2012 could be Year of Dragon. For every consequent year, the following animal could be designated as the Year animal so when it reaches Pig, then Rat could be designated for the following year.

chinese year of snake
2013 Chinese Year Of Water Snake

Let’s have a look at the free Chinese horoscope 2013 regarding how people of each animal sign will fare in 2013. Obtain free and accurate 2013 Chinese astrology predictions. Also learn how the Chinese zodiac signs are compatible with one another in the coming year.

Rat Horoscope 2013
People born in Rat sign are always busy. They can never stay in one place and are always moving from task to the other. They’re vulnerable and get disturbed easily. They also must always try to focus on one work. The entire year 2013 will be a year of accomplishment only when they remove all negative ideas and focus on a single task. They will face difficulties but a strong heart and helping buddies could make them victorious.

Chinese Zodiac Rat
Chinese Astrology Rat

Ox Horoscope 2013
Chinese astrology 2013 predicts that the year 2013 will test the persistence of Ox individuals. You’ll have encouraging occasions but you have to handle everything with care. Patience is the key to success. Ox people are recognized to be secretive, but an excessive amount of hiding can spoil relationships. 2013 Chinese zodiac predicts that this sign will have fewer problems this year.

Chinese Zodiac Ox
Chinese Zodiac Ox

Tiger Horoscope 2013
People born in the Tiger year always focus on a single job, however in 2013 you will have to do more than one task at a time to be successful. You’ll befriend influential people and make sound financial investments. Tiger is renowned for its violent nature and thus, people born in Tiger year have to stop getting angry.

chinese tiger
Chinese Horoscope Tiger

Rabbit Horoscope 2013
Chinese horoscope for 2013 forecasts that in this year the Rabbit sign will need to make extra effort. Zodiac 2013 indicates you should do not be arrogant and employ persistence to handle hard situations. You may face some hostility from friends and relatives.

chinese rabbit
Chinese Zodiac Rabbit

Dragon Horoscope 2013
The Chinese horoscopes 2013 for the Year of the Water Snake predicts some distress and disillusionment for individuals born in the Dragon sign. They ought to maintain peace while facing hard situations rather than worrying about this. They are encouraged to be calm and be patient.

chinese dragon
Chinese Dragon

Snake Horoscope 2013
Chinese zodiac 2013 predictions for people born in the year of the snake forecasts fame, status and good reputation. Their whole potential will come to the forefront and they will become famous. Despite the fact that there can be adverse situations, their luck will safeguard them.

chinese snake
Chinese Snake

Horse Horoscope 2013
People from the Horse sign must take extra care while beginning some dangerous work, simply because they might run into problems if just in case things don’t work out. Disregard the negative vibes and you are bound to be successful this year.

chinese zodiac horse
Chinese Horse

Sheep Horoscope 2013
Despite the fact that the entire year 2013 forecasts minor risks for the Sheep or Goat sign, in general their position is going to be good as well as their desires are going to be complied with. All difficulties will be resolved easily.

chinese zodiac sheep goat
Chinese Sheep

Monkey Horoscope 2013
People of the Monkey sign ought to be cautious in 2013. There might be some adverse situations. Chinese astrology 2013 predictions advice the Monkey sign not to indulge in spreading rumors or have a negative frame of mind.

chinese monkey
Chinese Monkey

Rooster Horoscope 2013
If people born in the Rooster Chinese zodiac sign remain alert and do just a bit of hard work, they will be able to acquire a lot in 2013. Expect lot of support from family and close buddies.

chinese zodiac rooster
Chinese Zodiac Rooster

Dog Horoscope 2013
Though disappointments may happen this year for individuals born in year of Dog, they ought to strive and increase their pace in devoting efforts to be successful.

chinese dog zodiac
Chinese Dog

Pig Horoscope 2013
Although the year 2013 forecasts misfortune and deficits for anyone born in year of Pig, their health and financial conditions is going to be stable. When they continue to devote effort to their activities, they will be able to acquire a lot.

chinese pig
Chinese Pig Zodiac

To summarize, Chinese horoscopes 2013 forecast that 2013 is going to be an incredible year for individuals born in – Rat, Ox, Lizard, Sheep and Rooster zodiac signs. It might be an OK year for individuals born in Tiger, Rabbit, Dragon, Horse, Monkey, Dog and Pig signs. Overall Chinese horoscope 2013 predicts that the Year of the Snake will be a good year for one and all!

Feng Shui Tips And Advice

Feng shui also known as Fung shui is a Chinese art of geomancy which means ‘wind’ and ‘water’. Feng shui tips and advice can help you become successful in love, relationships, health and love. Get free instant lucky feng shui for home, office, money readings with Kua number, Lo shu, flying star, Ba Zi, Ba Gua and other readings online.

feng shui
Feng Shui

Importance Of Numerology Numbers

Numerology numbers calculated from your name and date of birth carry unique vibrations that can have a positive or negative effect on our lives. Use these numerology calculators and get instant numerological meanings and reports. Get your life path, destiny, birthday and more than thirty number meanings for free!

numerology numbers
Numerology Numbers

Horoscope 2013 Astrology Predictions

Get precise Horoscope 2013 Astrology Forecasts for the 12 astrology signs here! Understand what this year has available for you personally on several fronts. Start this coming year on an optimistic note with free astrology forecasts for the sun signs. Uncover particulars with astrology 2013 predictions regarding your love and romance, profession, career, business, health, wealth and family relations. Finish undertakings which were left incomplete in the last year and do not make the same errors.


All stated and done, why shouldn’t one have confidence in an annual or daily horoscope? How can an astrological prediction be useful to you? The answer is easy. Astrology 2013 predicts the negative and positive occasions that could happen in your personal and professional life. It helps you understand between what is right and wrong for you.

2013 Astrology

Everyone knows that they need to face favorable in addition to unfavorable situations in their existence on this earth. Now wouldn’t it be great if we were advised concerning the bad things ahead of time thus planning us for that worst occurrence in our life? And often it will happen that whatever effort we make, the ending will simply not be acceptable to us. Thus understanding how taking risks in the next year will turn out for you personally plays a significant part in most of your choices.

Get instant 2013 horoscope astrology predictions for Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius, Pisces in the coming posts!

Aries 2013 Horoscope

2013 Aries Horoscope

Horoscope for 2013 for Aries forecasts that 2013 will be full of mixed fortunes. In career you might be satisfied but might be a little disappointed together with your family. You’ll save some money. Relationships must be cultivated with care. Take good and proper care of your health.

2013 Taurus Horoscope

2013 horoscope prediction for Taurus sun sign says that this year you won’t face lots of problems. Health may not be too great but this will not affect your life which is going to be calm and peaceful. Overall, how well you progress in most areas will depend on your capability. 2013 will be excellent for Taureans. You’ll be victorious in most your endeavors.

Taurus 2013 Astrology

2013 Gemini Horoscope

Free horoscope 2013 for Gemini predicts that this year you may have to put in more pains to get some good results. New ideas may emerge that may help you fulfill your aspirations. Health might get upset because of undesirable stress. Strive well and your labors will be frutful.

Gemini 2013 Horoscope

2013 Cancer Horoscope

Horoscope2013 for Cancer zodiac sign foresees this s a really lucky year for that Cancerians. You’ll find true love in relationships in addition to progress on your career front. Family relationships might not be too great. You’re going to get wonderful possibilities to make some money in addition to opportunities in property.


2013 Leo Horoscope

Free 2013 horoscope for Leo star sign forecasts that this year is going to be great and gratifying. You’ll be successful on the profession and personal front. You might be emotional and sentimental. You will take part in religious and charitable pursuits. Travel for business and with family will do you good.

Leo Astrology 2013

2013 Virgo Horoscope

2013 horoscopes for Virgo foresee that this is going to be a difficult year however; you will overcome all your issues and problems. Your love relationships will blossom and can take a new turn. You might face issues with co-workers on the office front.

Virgo Horoscope 2013

2013 Libra Horoscope

Free astrology 2013 for Libra predicts that this is year of expansion and development. You’ll complete things that were started in the previous years. You will not start any new venture this year. This can be a time when outcomes of your past efforts will be realized.

2013 Libra Horoscope

2013 Scorpio Horoscope
Astrology predictions 2013 for Scorpio predict that 2013 is really a year of evolution and progress for this astrology sign. You might not benefit from your efforts in 2013 but don’t quit. Stress, anxiety, uncertainty may trouble you. You have to relax and think calmly when considering taking any kind of action. You’ll make some good quality financial investments.

2013 Scorpio Astrology

2013 Sagittarius Horoscope
Astrology prediction 2013 for Sagittarius forecasts that 2013 will be highly vibrant on all fronts. You will see mixed periods of confusion and clearness. You are able to overcome all difficulties in your path is you think twice before taking any action. Your aggression may cause more damage to if you’re not careful.

Sagittarius 2013 Zodiac

2013 Capricorn Horoscope

An accurate 2013 horoscope for Capricorn forecasts that 2013 is a very positive year for you personally. You’ll experience development in new aspects of your life. Success might not come effortlessly however; you should keep in mind your primary goal and forge ahead without any fear. Love in relationships will flourish.

Capricorn 2013 Horoscope

2013 Aquarius Horoscope

Astrology for 2013 for Aquarius foretells that the year is going to be filled with profits and guarantees of success. You’ve great chances of prosperity in career, love, wealth and health. Don’t let your rash choices make everything go to waste. Good understanding and impartial choices would be the answer to your ability to succeed.

Aquarius Horoscope 2013

2013 Pisces Horoscope

Pisces horoscopes 2013 predict that you will progress this year on the right path. You’ll make excellent progress on your career and work front. Relationships with people of influence can help you reach your targets. But you will have to make lots of effort to keep relationships with family, spouse and co-workers happy.

2013 Pisces Horoscope

Get accurate free horoscopes for 2013 and astrology prediction for the coming year for the 12 star signs right now!

Astrology 2013