Salmon – Native American Astrology

The eighth sign of the zodiac of the Native American astrology, the Salmons are ‘real live-wire’. The energy of the Salmon people is abundant; moreover, they are the good motivators and are always found to be enthusiastic and confident. Being generous, loyal, perceptive and intuitive and intelligent, the Salmon folks never fall short of friends. … Read more »

Egyptian Gods & Goddesses Astrology

Get instant readings to know your Egyptian god or Goddess Astrology Sign. Know which Egyptian God rules your zodiac sign and compatibility with your partner. Get accurate Egyptian Astrology predictions. Egyptian Gods and Goddesses rule over your Egyptian zodiac signs. Get free Egyptian astrology reports and horoscope compatibility analysis right now. Know more about Egyptian … Read more »

Healing Benefits Of Rudraksha

Rudraksha or Rudraksh beads are a very effective means of alternative healing therapy. Wearing the right Rudraksha can have a positive effect on your mind and body. Get to know the benefits of Rudraksha based on your sun sign, birth star, planets, numerology and ailments. Rudraksh or rudraksha beads have been found to have immense … Read more »

Introduction To Astrology Charts

Generate instant astrology birth or natal charts using these amazing chart generators. Get different types of charts based on empty elements, planetary positions, draconic astrology and planetary patterns. Get your personalized astrology natal and birth charts for both Vedic and Western astrology. Get your planetary positions, ascendant, sun sign, moon sign and other calculations based … Read more »

Hindu Calendars & Panchangam

Get easy to use Panchang or astrological calendars to time your auspicious occasions. Use these tools to generate Rahu Kaal, Muhurtha or Electional astrology, Chogadiya, Tithis to find favorable timings. Get access to instant accurate online Vedic Hindu Calendar to know good and favorable timings. Begin your good ventures at the right time and achieve … Read more »

Wicca & Pagan Spells And Rituals

Get instant online help for everything related to Pagan &Wiccan beliefs. Be it lunar or candle magic, get instant guidance on rituals, spells, timings and related customs. Be aware of lucky magickal names and alternative Wiccan herbal remedies. Are you a practicing Pagan or Wiccan? Get instant help with the free online Pagan holidays, Wicca … Read more »

Aromatherapy Dictionary Online

Use this excellent aromatherapy glossary to understand the meanings and uses of different aromatherapy oils, perfumes, scents. Find all words and terminology used in aromatherapy in an easy alphabetical manner. Understand the uses, effects, advantages and disadvantages of using the different therapeutic fragrances for different ailments. Quicken your healing experience with this free online aromatherapy … Read more »

Cancer Pet Astrology

Sensitive and jovial are the keywords that best describe a Cancer pet. Born under this zodiac sign, the Cancerian animals are not the type to remain upset for very long. Calm and a peaceful environment is the first and foremost requirement of these little animals. They love to be in solitude. Being disturbed or irritated … Read more »

Mayan Astrology Overview

Mayan astrology is one of most ancient forms of Mesoamerican zodiac based on the Tzolkin or Mayan calendar. Get instant and free readings and predictions of your personality characteristics based on Maya zodiac, horoscope, birth chart, astrological signs, numerology, animal birth signs, compatibility and more with the free online reports and calculators. Read more »