Elk – Native American Astrology

Elk – the sixth sign of the Native American zodiac, is the ‘muse of the zodiac’. Elk or the deer natives are lively, witty and inspiring. These people can make anybody laugh and possesses an excellent talent of vocalizing. But it must however be noted that the Deer people are very conscious about their looks and their environment and as such very often will the others find these individuals involved with their own selves. The natural intelligence and the power of attraction of the Elk folks make them quite acceptable among people of all ages.

Elk – Native American Animal Sign

If you are an Elk native, then you are born at the ‘Time of Blossom’. The Elk people have certain distinctions and peculiarities of their own – like, the direction which suits you the best is the Southeast; again it is the East winds that brings you luck and your conventional totem animal is eagle. As far as your emotional nature is concerned, you people are basically hypersensitive in nature.

Fire being your birth element, you are sensitive by nature but never bother to get to the depth of things. Apart from this, this Native American animal sign are also a bit moody, communicative, fast, witty and obliging. Intellectuality and friendliness are the keywords, which describe you, people the best. If anything in your personality needs to be worked upon, it is your sympathy, power of concentration and your perseverance. You believe life is based on coordination and thus the Deer folks are always out to help people and unite everyone.

Lucky Color – Orange
Lucky Stone – Agate
Lucky Tree – Mullein
Element – Air with Fire
Lucky Day – Wednesday
Lucky Time – 7am-9am & 7pm-9pm
Goals – Connecting
Compatible Signs – Raven and Otter
Polarity Totem – Owl
Positive Attributes – Humorous, friendly and intellectual
Negative Attributes – Impatient, restless, laziness and despondency
Animal Symbol – Deer
Clan – Butterfly
Sub-Desires – To make things perfect
Sexual Nature – Titillating
Nature – Lively
Function – To observe
Avoid – Moodiness and inconsistency

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