Aquarius Zodiac Sign – Personality

“Not only march to a different drummer, they make up new music as they go along”.

Strong and irresistibly charming Aquarians are usually of two types, either they are shy, introvert, patient or they are bombastic, pompous, flaunting in nature. However in both cases they suppress their inner intellectual self under the veil of apparent aloofness and lack of curiosity.


Sometimes they act obstinate and to prove their point they can go to any extent at that time. People of this astrology sign hunt for excitement and adventure may appear fascinating to their new acquaintances but most of the times it leads to escapism from the drudgery of mundane life.

Their sense of harmony with nature, spirituality and advanced understanding of science, technology and different art forms appear to be commendable and worth mentioning. This is just one aspect of the outer self of Aquarius zodiac sign.

Horoscope 2013 Astrology Predictions

Get precise Horoscope 2013 Astrology Forecasts for the 12 astrology signs here! Understand what this year has available for you personally on several fronts. Start this coming year on an optimistic note with free astrology forecasts for the sun signs. Uncover particulars with astrology 2013 predictions regarding your love and romance, profession, career, business, health, wealth and family relations. Finish undertakings which were left incomplete in the last year and do not make the same errors.


All stated and done, why shouldn’t one have confidence in an annual or daily horoscope? How can an astrological prediction be useful to you? The answer is easy. Astrology 2013 predicts the negative and positive occasions that could happen in your personal and professional life. It helps you understand between what is right and wrong for you.

2013 Astrology

Everyone knows that they need to face favorable in addition to unfavorable situations in their existence on this earth. Now wouldn’t it be great if we were advised concerning the bad things ahead of time thus planning us for that worst occurrence in our life? And often it will happen that whatever effort we make, the ending will simply not be acceptable to us. Thus understanding how taking risks in the next year will turn out for you personally plays a significant part in most of your choices.

Get instant 2013 horoscope astrology predictions for Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius, Pisces in the coming posts!

Aries 2013 Horoscope

2013 Aries Horoscope

Horoscope for 2013 for Aries forecasts that 2013 will be full of mixed fortunes. In career you might be satisfied but might be a little disappointed together with your family. You’ll save some money. Relationships must be cultivated with care. Take good and proper care of your health.

2013 Taurus Horoscope

2013 horoscope prediction for Taurus sun sign says that this year you won’t face lots of problems. Health may not be too great but this will not affect your life which is going to be calm and peaceful. Overall, how well you progress in most areas will depend on your capability. 2013 will be excellent for Taureans. You’ll be victorious in most your endeavors.

Taurus 2013 Astrology

2013 Gemini Horoscope

Free horoscope 2013 for Gemini predicts that this year you may have to put in more pains to get some good results. New ideas may emerge that may help you fulfill your aspirations. Health might get upset because of undesirable stress. Strive well and your labors will be frutful.

Gemini 2013 Horoscope

2013 Cancer Horoscope

Horoscope2013 for Cancer zodiac sign foresees this s a really lucky year for that Cancerians. You’ll find true love in relationships in addition to progress on your career front. Family relationships might not be too great. You’re going to get wonderful possibilities to make some money in addition to opportunities in property.


2013 Leo Horoscope

Free 2013 horoscope for Leo star sign forecasts that this year is going to be great and gratifying. You’ll be successful on the profession and personal front. You might be emotional and sentimental. You will take part in religious and charitable pursuits. Travel for business and with family will do you good.

Leo Astrology 2013

2013 Virgo Horoscope

2013 horoscopes for Virgo foresee that this is going to be a difficult year however; you will overcome all your issues and problems. Your love relationships will blossom and can take a new turn. You might face issues with co-workers on the office front.

Virgo Horoscope 2013

2013 Libra Horoscope

Free astrology 2013 for Libra predicts that this is year of expansion and development. You’ll complete things that were started in the previous years. You will not start any new venture this year. This can be a time when outcomes of your past efforts will be realized.

2013 Libra Horoscope

2013 Scorpio Horoscope
Astrology predictions 2013 for Scorpio predict that 2013 is really a year of evolution and progress for this astrology sign. You might not benefit from your efforts in 2013 but don’t quit. Stress, anxiety, uncertainty may trouble you. You have to relax and think calmly when considering taking any kind of action. You’ll make some good quality financial investments.

2013 Scorpio Astrology

2013 Sagittarius Horoscope
Astrology prediction 2013 for Sagittarius forecasts that 2013 will be highly vibrant on all fronts. You will see mixed periods of confusion and clearness. You are able to overcome all difficulties in your path is you think twice before taking any action. Your aggression may cause more damage to if you’re not careful.

Sagittarius 2013 Zodiac

2013 Capricorn Horoscope

An accurate 2013 horoscope for Capricorn forecasts that 2013 is a very positive year for you personally. You’ll experience development in new aspects of your life. Success might not come effortlessly however; you should keep in mind your primary goal and forge ahead without any fear. Love in relationships will flourish.

Capricorn 2013 Horoscope

2013 Aquarius Horoscope

Astrology for 2013 for Aquarius foretells that the year is going to be filled with profits and guarantees of success. You’ve great chances of prosperity in career, love, wealth and health. Don’t let your rash choices make everything go to waste. Good understanding and impartial choices would be the answer to your ability to succeed.

Aquarius Horoscope 2013

2013 Pisces Horoscope

Pisces horoscopes 2013 predict that you will progress this year on the right path. You’ll make excellent progress on your career and work front. Relationships with people of influence can help you reach your targets. But you will have to make lots of effort to keep relationships with family, spouse and co-workers happy.

2013 Pisces Horoscope

Get accurate free horoscopes for 2013 and astrology prediction for the coming year for the 12 star signs right now!

Astrology 2013

Leo Pet Astrology

Like the Leo personality, the Leo pets also love to be at the helm of all affairs. They like to feel as if they are the head of the house and family. Moving around gracefully and with an air of elegance is something which is very commonly found with Leo pets.

Adventure is something which they love. Born under this sign, the Leo pet astrology shows that your pets will know no bound when given the opportunity to run around. They will go as far as you will let them go. Born as leaders of the animal kingdom, you will find the Leo pets having a group of friends following them. Curiosity is an inborn quality of these animals and this may lead them to land up in frequent troubles.

Leo Pet Zodiac

Leo pets are very affectionate towards children; they are over protective towards their masters and will never hesitate to give their lives for the purpose of protecting you.

Though they appear to be tough from outside, but they are very sensitive and emotional by heart. So always be sure to treat the Leo pets with care, love and affection. As pets they love to be pampered, cuddled and petted. Leo pets turn out to be the most loyal, loving and friendly among all the other pets in the zodiac.

Different Types Of Astrology Predictions

Astrology is popularly used for predictions and forecasts about future events. Get instant access to zodiac and horoscope readings based on different forms of astrology like Mayan, Chinese, Karmic, Western, Vedic, Celtic, Japanese zodiac signs and much more. Free readings in different styles of reports, charts and interpretations are available.

Astrology Readings
Astrology Readings

Owl – Native American Astrology

The Owl is the twelfth sign of the zodiac of Native American astrology. Owls are known to be the friends of everybody in the world. Owl people are generally very flexible, natural and warm. They want to live life to the fullest and whole-heartedly love all kinds of adventure. But is must however be noted that at times these individuals can turn out to be reckless, thoughtless and as well as careless. It is due to the dynamic and the adaptable nature of the Owls, that they excel in almost all kind of jobs.

Owl – Native American Horoscope

If you are an Owl individual, then you are born at the ‘Time for Long Nights’. Owl people have certain distinctions and peculiarities of their own – like, the direction which suits you the best is Northwest; the West wind brings you luck and your conventional totem animal is the grizzly bear. As far as your emotions are concerned, you people are warm, kind hearted and generous.

Basically you people are very objective in whatever you do; versatility, adaptability and conscientiousness are the keywords, which describes you best. Owl natives are generally adventurous, jovial and independent. What requires attention is your power of concentration, your enthusiasm and also your optimistic outlook towards life. You believe life is a form of education and thus you always try to learn what life has to teach you and for this purpose you take even the minutest thing into consideration.

Lucky Color – Gold
Lucky Stone – Obsidian
Lucky Tree – Mistletoe
Element – Fire with Earth
Lucky Day – Thursday
Lucky Time – 7am-9am & 7pm-9pm
Goals – Communication
Compatible Signs – Falcon and salmon
Polarity Totem – Deer
Positive Attributes – Versatility, adaptability and conscientiousness
Negative Attributes – Restlessness and impetuous
Animal Symbol – Owl
Clan – Hawk
Sub-Desires – Determination
Sexual Nature – Adventurous
Nature – Sincere
Function – Changing things
Avoid – Greed and overindulgence

Salmon – Native American Astrology

The eighth sign of the zodiac of the Native American astrology, the Salmons are ‘real live-wire’. The energy of the Salmon people is abundant; moreover, they are the good motivators and are always found to be enthusiastic and confident. Being generous, loyal, perceptive and intuitive and intelligent, the Salmon folks never fall short of friends. If you are a Salmon individual, then you are born at the ‘Time to Mature’.

Salmon people have certain distinctions and peculiarities of their own – like, the direction which suit you people the best is South; again it is the south winds that brings you luck and your conventional totem animal is the mouse. As far as your emotions are concerned, you are passionate and intensive; you people are born leaders and work best in an authoritative position.

Salmon - Native American Animal Signs
Salmon – Native American Horoscope

You love to rule over everything and this very attitude of yours, can at times irritate others around you. Apart from this, the Salmon natives are full of energy, enthusiasm, pride and self-confidence; creativity, generosity and magnanimity are the keywords, which describes you best. What require attention are your emotional stability, your power to judge and your tolerance. You feel human life means to achieve certain goals and thus you people are the most hardworking individuals in the zodiac.

Lucky Color – Red
Lucky Stone – Carnelian
Lucky Tree – Raspberry
Element –Fire with Water
Lucky Day – Saturday
Lucky Time – 11am-1am & 11pm-1pm
Goals – Rule
Compatible Signs – Falcon and owl
Polarity Totem – Otter
Positive Attributes – Creativity, generosity and magnanimity
Negative Attributes – Dogmatic, intolerance and arrogance
Animal Symbol – Salmon
Clan – Hawk
Sub-Desires – Stability in feelings and emotions
Sexual Nature – Insatiable
Nature – Demanding
Function – To do
Avoid – Arrogance and egotism

Elk – Native American Astrology

Elk – the sixth sign of the Native American zodiac, is the ‘muse of the zodiac’. Elk or the deer natives are lively, witty and inspiring. These people can make anybody laugh and possesses an excellent talent of vocalizing. But it must however be noted that the Deer people are very conscious about their looks and their environment and as such very often will the others find these individuals involved with their own selves. The natural intelligence and the power of attraction of the Elk folks make them quite acceptable among people of all ages.

Elk – Native American Animal Sign

If you are an Elk native, then you are born at the ‘Time of Blossom’. The Elk people have certain distinctions and peculiarities of their own – like, the direction which suits you the best is the Southeast; again it is the East winds that brings you luck and your conventional totem animal is eagle. As far as your emotional nature is concerned, you people are basically hypersensitive in nature.

Fire being your birth element, you are sensitive by nature but never bother to get to the depth of things. Apart from this, this Native American animal sign are also a bit moody, communicative, fast, witty and obliging. Intellectuality and friendliness are the keywords, which describe you, people the best. If anything in your personality needs to be worked upon, it is your sympathy, power of concentration and your perseverance. You believe life is based on coordination and thus the Deer folks are always out to help people and unite everyone.

Lucky Color – Orange
Lucky Stone – Agate
Lucky Tree – Mullein
Element – Air with Fire
Lucky Day – Wednesday
Lucky Time – 7am-9am & 7pm-9pm
Goals – Connecting
Compatible Signs – Raven and Otter
Polarity Totem – Owl
Positive Attributes – Humorous, friendly and intellectual
Negative Attributes – Impatient, restless, laziness and despondency
Animal Symbol – Deer
Clan – Butterfly
Sub-Desires – To make things perfect
Sexual Nature – Titillating
Nature – Lively
Function – To observe
Avoid – Moodiness and inconsistency

Online Esoteric Dictionary & Glossary

This online reference guide is one of a kind and includes seven different dictionaries. Understand terms and meanings related to astrology, tarot, psychic, runes, numerology, aromatherapy and occult. Be it an amateur or an expert, these online dictionaries can help everyone to master the subject.

Online Esoteric Spiritual Dictionary

Cancer Pet Astrology

Sensitive and jovial are the keywords that best describe a Cancer pet. Born under this zodiac sign, the Cancerian animals are not the type to remain upset for very long. Calm and a peaceful environment is the first and foremost requirement of these little animals. They love to be in solitude. Being disturbed or irritated unnecessarily is something which they hate.

However, the Cancer pets are very cautious when it comes to meeting new people. But once they meet you, know you and start trusting you, these animals can be the best friends on earth. They dislike sharing food, their shelter or any of their personal belongings.

Cancer Pet Astrology

Never leave the Cancerian pets alone as they can turn out to be self destructive. Never ignore these little pets as they love to feel that they are also a part of your family. This very feeling brings in a sense of loyalty and you will find them obeying you as their master.

Cancer pets remain loyal forever to their masters and they always try to add their part of extra warmth and affection in order to ensure that all the members of your family are happy.

Goose – Native American Astrology

Goose is the first sign of the zodiac of the Native American astrology. They are the most responsible individuals and if you want something to be done and completed, then assign it tot the Goose people. You always set goals for yourself, which are achievable; from the very early stages of your life, you strive to attain success at all cost.

The dominating personality of the Native American Zodiac Sign Goose makes them excellent and promising businessman and sportsman. If you are a Goose individual, then you are born at the ‘Time for Renewal’. Goose people have certain distinctions and peculiarities of their own – like, the direction which is lucky for you is North and Northeast; the North wind brings you luck and your conventional totem animal is buffalo.

As far as your emotion is concerned, the Goose folks concentrate on a particular thing at a particular point of time. Basically you people are confident about all your undertakings; determination, ambitious and perseverance are the keywords, which describes you best. What requires attention is your ability to express yourself, your needs and your desires. You believe life is all about adaptation and thus born under this zodiac sign, the Goose people are very flexible. If provided with the perfect family support, then you people excel in all your undertakings.

Goose – Native American Astrology

Lucky Color – White
Lucky Stone – Peridot
Lucky Tree – Birch tree
Element – Earth with Air
Lucky Day – Saturday
Lucky Time – 9 am-11am & 9pm-11pm
Goals – Preservation
Compatible Signs – Bear, brown, crow, beaver
Polarity Totem – Woodpecker
Positive Attributes – Perseverance, ambitious and strong will force
Negative Attributes – Stubborn, pessimistic, egoistic and demanding
Animal Symbol – Snow Goose
Clan – Turtle
Sub-Desires – integrity
Sexual Nature – Sensual, romantic and long lasting
Nature – Extremist
Function – Preparing the ground
Avoid – Pessimism and self-doubt