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The eighth sign of the zodiac of the Native American astrology, the Salmons are ‘real live-wire’. The energy of the Salmon people is abundant; moreover, they are the good motivators and are always found to be enthusiastic and confident. Being generous, loyal, perceptive and intuitive and intelligent, the Salmon folks never fall short of friends. If you are a Salmon individual, then you are born at the ‘Time to Mature’.

Salmon people have certain distinctions and peculiarities of their own – like, the direction which suit you people the best is South; again it is the south winds that brings you luck and your conventional totem animal is the mouse. As far as your emotions are concerned, you are passionate and intensive; you people are born leaders and work best in an authoritative position.

Salmon - Native American Animal Signs
Salmon – Native American Horoscope

You love to rule over everything and this very attitude of yours, can at times irritate others around you. Apart from this, the Salmon natives are full of energy, enthusiasm, pride and self-confidence; creativity, generosity and magnanimity are the keywords, which describes you best. What require attention are your emotional stability, your power to judge and your tolerance. You feel human life means to achieve certain goals and thus you people are the most hardworking individuals in the zodiac.

Lucky Color – Red
Lucky Stone – Carnelian
Lucky Tree – Raspberry
Element –Fire with Water
Lucky Day – Saturday
Lucky Time – 11am-1am & 11pm-1pm
Goals – Rule
Compatible Signs – Falcon and owl
Polarity Totem – Otter
Positive Attributes – Creativity, generosity and magnanimity
Negative Attributes – Dogmatic, intolerance and arrogance
Animal Symbol – Salmon
Clan – Hawk
Sub-Desires – Stability in feelings and emotions
Sexual Nature – Insatiable
Nature – Demanding
Function – To do
Avoid – Arrogance and egotism

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