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What are your lucky gemstones? Wearing the right gems can bring you prosperity in career, love, finance, health and relationships. But  more..
Birth chakras is an online natal chakras calculator. Generate a natal chakra chart instantly using this accurate chakra generator. Know how  more..
Know how lucky your marriage date can be for you with this free numerology Wedding Date Calculator. Each day is associated with a number  more..
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Get instant access to these excellent online health tests and wellness calculators. Try the heart attack quiz, diabetes risk, cholesterol,  more..
Try these online fortune tellers that predict your future in seconds. Fortune telling guides you in your day-to-day life problems as well  more..
Get instant access to these excellent online health tests and wellness calculators. Try the heart attack quiz, diabetes risk, cholesterol,  more..
Learn Cartomancy
Learn cartomancy is a guide to learning to tell fortunes. Cartomancy or fortune telling using playing cards is one of the most popular forms of card divination after tarot. This amazing online application teaches you the basics of cartomancy reading. You can learn everything from card meanings, keywords, interpretations, different spreads, layouts and lots more. Learn to use the right spreads for the right kind of readings. Memorize the meanings of the cards and test yourself at different levels. Try now and become an expert at cartomancy readings! Do not leave this opportunity of improving your fortune telling abilities. Learn today!  more..
Category:  Tarot
Venus Sign
Venus the planet of love decides matters of the heart and romantic inclinations. What do you expect from your partner? Are you a big nag or bossy? Does loyalty matter to you? Knowing the zodiac sign in which Venus was placed at the time of your birth can greatly influence your passions and expectations in your relationships. Get a free a love horoscope with your romance astrology profile.  more..
Category:  Love & Sex
Part Of Fortune
What's your Part of Fortune sign? Get a free Arabic Fortuna astrology or Pars Fortunae calculation online to know more about your ambitions in life. Get your personal part of fortune horoscope with your personal lucky or fortune astrology report to understand how easy or difficult it can be for you to achieve happiness, prosperity, success, health and wealth. Get your free report now!  more..
Category:  Astrology
Have You Paid Your Karmic Debt?
Is your past life karma affecting your current life?  more..
Category:  Numerology
North Indian Kundli
Here is your chance to get an absolutely free North Indian Kundli or Vedic birth chart in seconds. Just enter your name and birth details and get an instant Jyotish Rashi chart in North Indian style. Know more about your personality traits based on the positions of the planets, moon sign, and ascendant. Get your Janam Kundali right now!  more..
Category:  Astrology
Yi Jing
What does the Yi Jing or Mei Hua Xin Yi predict for you today? Based on the I Ching or the Chinese book of Changes this unique fortune telling tool makes predictions based on your date of birth. Also known as plum blossom numerology, this Oracle uses the hexagrams and trigrams of the I Ching to predict answers to your questions. Know more about what the future has in store for you with a free Yi Jing prediction and be prepared to overcome obstacles in life. Consult The Yi Jing Oracle Now!  more..
Category:  Fortune Teller
Weekday Astrology
Which day of the week were you born? Get a free weekday astrology horoscope analysis of your personality based on the day of your birth. Each day exhibits its own traits like ruling planet, ruling angel, element and more such details. All the days of the week, be it Monday or Saturday are equally special. Know more about this form of astrology and get to know yourself better.  more..
Category:  Personality Tests
What Is Palmistry?
Palm reading shows your personality on the basis of the lines on your palms of your hands. Take this self test and understand your personality and future better.  more..
Category:  Personality Tests
Paka Lagna
Choose your right career with a free online Paka Lagna prediction. It happens many times that we end up choosing the wrong profession and thus not being able to achieve our goals. This accurate special (Vishesika) Lagna or ascendant represented as PL in your birth chart shows the most suitable career that you have a natural aptitude for and should take up based on your astrological planetary positions. Get your free Paka Lagna chart right now to get a free career astrology reading.  more..
Category:  Astrology
Mayan Animal Zodiac
Mayan animal zodiac consists of 13 animal signs, each having a unique personality. People under each sign of the animal zodiac are said to have the same personality as that of the animal representing that astrology sign. Animals were highly respected by the Maya people and were treated as their "Gurus" or teachers. The Maya animal moon signs are different from the sun signs and show a different side of your personality. Get your free Mayan animal horoscope reading now and interpret the details for yourself.  more..
Category:  Astrology
david bon
nice tool to know ur futire
this site is amazing and very easy to navigate.
It is a fantastic site,very accurate and precise.Congratulations for the site-makers!!!
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