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Vedic non luminary planets or Aprakash (Apraksha) grahas are important calculations in Vedic astrology. These are not actual planets but  more..
Vedic planetary aspects or graha Drishti finds the aspects or angles that a planet makes with the astrological houses and planets in your  more..
Take this free online I-Ching Love Test and get a free love analysis of the level of your compatibility with your partner. Let the opposite  more..
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Free astrology predictions and forecasts for the future are available here in different forms. Get instant zodiac and horoscopes based on  more..
Get instant access to these excellent online health tests and wellness calculators. Try the heart attack quiz, diabetes risk, cholesterol,  more..
Personality tests help you understand your nature and temperament from different perspectives. Try these free online personality quiz and  more..
Arudha Padas
Arudha padas calculates your graha arudhas for the 12 houses in your Vedic astrology chart. Arudha also known as ‘mount’ deals with the influence of the image of a sign on other signs. Arudha of the first house is known as Arudha Lagna. This shows how others profess you to be. Understand different aspects of your personality with this wonderful Jyotish calculator. Get the Graha Arudha reading for all houses of your horoscope. Understand the Maya of perception with respect to all affairs of the concerned astrological house.  more..
Category:  Astrology
Descendant Sign
Find the descendant sign on your natal chart now with this free online descendant astrology calculator. The descendant point in the different zodiac signs shows your attitude towards different kinds of relationships like business, personal, partners, enemies, friends, lovers, spouse, family, friends and more. Know which sign your descendant is placed in your horoscope to understand you attitude towards relationships.  more..
Category:  Astrology
Sedna astrology is an unconventional part of the Western zodiac based on the position of the asteroid Sedna in your horoscope. This astrological calculation is also related to the Inuit Goddess of Sea and shows how you act in adverse situations and battles. Are you a fighter or do you give up easily? Get a free Sedna in signs analysis and learn more about your fighting spirit.  more..
Category:  Love & Sex
Biorhythms Love Match
Find out how compatible you are with your partner on the basis of daily biorhythms. This free biorhythm love test finds the level of match between your partner and yourself on the basis of your physical, emotional and intellectual strengths and weaknesses. Check your biorhythm compatibility in seconds with this online accurate biorhythm love match calculator.  more..
Category:  Love & Sex
Learn Runes
Learn runes reading with this easy and simple online step by step guide. Runes reading is one of the most popular forms of fortune telling using the Norse rune stones. If you are interested in learning the basics of the Runic alphabet or Elder Futhark, then this online tutor is the best way to get started. Know more about the different types of runes, meanings, interpretations, layouts, spreads, and lots more. Understand how this form of fortune telling can predict the fortunes for an individual. Get started now with this free online learn runes application and test your knowledge simultaneously. Become an expert at reading the runes!  more..
Category:  More
Scents & Perfumes For Zodiac Signs
Choose the right perfume that goes along with your zodiac personality with this free perfume horoscope. Find what fragrances turn you on and the scents that put you off. This Astro perfume tool tells you the right perfumes to gift your friends and loved ones. Get your Perfumes profile now!  more..
Category:  Astrology
Mayan Horoscope Compatibility
What's the love match of your Mayan horoscope compatibility? Find your compatibility with your partner based on the Mayan zodiac signs. Find how well you understand each other. Understand the nature of your relationship based on the Day Sign and Galactic Tone glyphs or symbols calculation. Get your personal Maya astrology compatibility report now!  more..
Category:  Love & Sex
Pet Name Finder
Find the meaning of your pet’s name. Get a free pet name numerology reading...  more..
Category:  Numerology
Life Path Periods
Know your life path periods from your life path number analysis. A lifepath period reading tells you in detail about three important phases or periods in your life. A lifepath numerology reading prepares you in general for what lies ahead while a lifepath periods interpretation tells you more in detail about a specific time frame in your life. Get a life path periods reading today and know more about what the future has in store for you.  more..
Category:  Numerology
Numerology Colors
Numerology colors calculator finds your lucky colors based on your personal numerological numbers. Wearing the right colours has a positive and fruitful effect on your personality and dealings. Find your favorable and unfavorable colors for your name and date of birth. This free online color numerology generator finds your primary and secondary good luck colors for your life path, soul urge and inner dreams number.  more..
Category:  Numerology
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nice tool to know ur futire
this site is amazing and very easy to navigate.
It is a fantastic site,very accurate and precise.Congratulations for the site-makers!!!
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