Goose – Native American Astrology

Goose is the first sign of the zodiac of the Native American astrology. They are the most responsible individuals and if you want something to be done and completed, then assign it tot the Goose people. You always set goals for yourself, which are achievable; from the very early stages of your life, you strive to attain success at all cost.

The dominating personality of the Native American Zodiac Sign Goose makes them excellent and promising businessman and sportsman. If you are a Goose individual, then you are born at the ‘Time for Renewal’. Goose people have certain distinctions and peculiarities of their own – like, the direction which is lucky for you is North and Northeast; the North wind brings you luck and your conventional totem animal is buffalo.

As far as your emotion is concerned, the Goose folks concentrate on a particular thing at a particular point of time. Basically you people are confident about all your undertakings; determination, ambitious and perseverance are the keywords, which describes you best. What requires attention is your ability to express yourself, your needs and your desires. You believe life is all about adaptation and thus born under this zodiac sign, the Goose people are very flexible. If provided with the perfect family support, then you people excel in all your undertakings.

Goose – Native American Astrology

Lucky Color – White
Lucky Stone – Peridot
Lucky Tree – Birch tree
Element – Earth with Air
Lucky Day – Saturday
Lucky Time – 9 am-11am & 9pm-11pm
Goals – Preservation
Compatible Signs – Bear, brown, crow, beaver
Polarity Totem – Woodpecker
Positive Attributes – Perseverance, ambitious and strong will force
Negative Attributes – Stubborn, pessimistic, egoistic and demanding
Animal Symbol – Snow Goose
Clan – Turtle
Sub-Desires – integrity
Sexual Nature – Sensual, romantic and long lasting
Nature – Extremist
Function – Preparing the ground
Avoid – Pessimism and self-doubt

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