Otter – Native American Astrology

Otter is the second sign of the zodiac of Native American astrology. Otter people are quite unpredictable and unorthodox. One can never figure out the complete characteristic traits of these people. Unlike the Goose zodiac, you are not responsible and can never be relied upon to complete the work that has been assigned to you. You are intelligent, creative and imaginative and perceive the world around you in a totally different manner than the others.

Otter – Native American Horoscope

Otter people are active listeners and make very good friends and counselors. If you are an Otter individual, then you are born at the ‘Time of Purification’. Otter people have certain distinctions and peculiarities of their own – like, the direction which suits you the best is North; the North wind brings you luck and your conventional totem animal is buffalo. As far as your emotion is concerned, the Otter folks love to be in solitude and detached from everybody.

As have been pointed out previously, you people are quite imaginative and creative and thus excel in all kind of artistic work; good perception, inventor and flexible are the keywords, which describe you best. You need to improve your tolerance power, you courage and to some extent, your inventiveness. You believe life is based on the power of creativity and thus born under this sign of the zodiac, the Otter people make very good musicians and artists. If these folks are nurtured in a good environment, they are likely to be sensitive, honest and courageous; or else they will turn out to be rebellious, dishonest and isolated.

Lucky Color – Silver
Lucky Stone – Turquoise
Lucky Tree – Fern
Element – Air
Lucky Day – Saturday
Lucky Time – 11am-1pm & 11pm-1am
Goals – Knowledge
Compatible Signs – Crow, falcon, bear
Polarity Totem – Salmon
Positive Attributes – Inventor, flexible and good perception
Negative Attributes – Stubborn and unpredictable
Animal Symbol – Otter
Clan – Butterfly
Sub-Desires – Wisdom
Sexual Nature – Hot and cold depending upon mood
Nature – Humanitarian
Function – Carrier
Avoid – Stubbornness and rebelliousness

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