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Gua or Kua Number - Find Your Lucky Directions & Colors

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The Kua (Gua) number for an individual helps examine their future and identifies their favourable and unfavourable directions. It also finds your element as per Chinese Astrology. This Kua Calculator 2016, 2017 also shows you, your personal lucky color that you should use or unlucky colours that your should stay away from. The Feng Shui Kua number report is based on the school of Eight Mansions Feng Shui.


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Every Gua number draws in a distinct influence. It is advised that you should use the auspicious directions for all your daily activities. The Success direction (Sheng Chi) implies the most beneficial direction to generate riches and success. Education can progress. Small business may prosper where there is ample satisfaction. The actual Health direction (Tien Yi) brings superior health and also prevents sickness. It delivers respite, tolerance and assists with the healing. The love or romance direction or Nien Yen will decrease your disagreements and fights and also enhance compatibility between family members and friends. The personal growth (Fu Wei) direction, assists increase your consistency and personality. It also supports your thought process.

Unlucky directions are those that should be prevented when trying to achieve any goal. The total failure direction (Chueh Ming) could be terrible for the job or cause terrible disaster. This may possibly in addition result in personal loss of wealth, illness and may be death. Your Six Eliminating or Hurdle direction (Liu Sha) is the direction that causes legal issues and also constant health problems. The Five Ghouls or Sickness direction (Wu Kuei) could cause health problems for loved ones, accidents and bad reputation. Your Mishaps direction (Hou Hai) may possibly lead to squabbles and decrease of funds.

Every person's success is also tightly related for the five Chinese elements. Element earth signifies that you might be down to earth and possess strong beginnings. You're extremely trustworthy and responsible. Simultaneously you may end up being stubborn and adamant in your thinking. You'll make a best companion or bitter foe.

Water symbolizes, move. You can easily adapt and change as required. You look outwardly calm but maybe fidgety. You make a superb chief, since you are self-assured person and sure about your judgement. You have got a magnetic individuality.

Metal signifies that a person usually is a intellectual along with the belief of finding your own solutions. You are self-disciplined and systematic by nature.

Wood element indicates that you tend to be serious about your profession and also generally fulfill your obligations. You happen to be generally childish and make your best effort to go all out to achieve success.

Fire indicates that your personality is very passionate. You hate being alone and are a people's person.

Colours when chosen correctly, boost performance. And The Kua Number Calculator 2016/2017 suggests the best color for you. The good or bad colors are different for each person. Utilize colors wisely to improve the situations for Success, Enjoy, Health, and also Personal Growth. You additionally must realize which colours to keep away from. These colours will strain your power making all your efforts pointless.

Get a free Feng Shui Gua number analysis for 2016 can help you find the most suitable directions for good luck and happiness. Try this Kua number Reading now to know more.