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Lilith moon astrology finds the dark or negative side of your personality

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Lilith moon calculator finds your black moon or dark moon sign from your date of birth. The black moon Lilith is generally associated with the black or dark side of one’s personality. It shows your negative characteristics that may get out of hand if not controlled in time. Get your personalized Lilith astrology reading and become a better person with this free Lilith sign prediction.

very good i have foresight,what about the dreams?
Tansina Miller
I've been drawn to the legends of Lilith since I was a child. Ran across this as I was doing research for a book I am working on. I must say, this has been dead on to the negative aspects and traits I possess. Amazing!
Spot on!
Frances Herrick
This was quite accurate!! I was pleasantly surprised as other Lilith calculators were mostly negative in their explanations. Thanks very much!!