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A Lunar Calendar Shows Different Phases Of The Moon

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Get the current phase of the moon in seconds with this amazing online lunar calendar. The moon influences many of your emotions and knowing the different phases of the moon can help you keep your feelings in check. Know when it is new moon or full moon as that’s when you will be at your best or worst. Try this lunar calendar right now!

Todays Moon Phase




A moon phase calendar shows the current as well as the moon phases for the chosen date. This is based on the lunar cycles of the moon from waxing to waning and again to waxing moon. A lunar month is the period of time in which the moon goes through all its phases.

The main question here is why anyone would be interested in knowing the phases of the moon. The moon phases control many things in this universe from sea tides, emotions and health. A health horoscope or moon diet chart is based on how the moon effects a person’s body. It is even said the fishing is best done during moon rise and moon set considering the weather and season.

Also it is widely believed that the moon phases play an important role when a person is planning to conceive. The Chinese gender predictor which calculates whether your baby will be a boy or a girl, is in fact based on the concept of the lunar calendar.

So what are you waiting for? Try this fantastic lunar calendar online and get accurate and precise phases of the moon in seconds!