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Incredible Free Chinese Baby Gender Prediction To Know If Baby Will Be A Boy Or A Girl

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Predict the gender of your baby with this amazingly accurate Chinese astrology baby gender predictor. Based on the Chinese gender chart with calculations from the lunar calendar, the result depends on the date of birth of the mother and the conception date. If you are pregnant, you must try this free tool now!

Will I have a boy or a girl? Isn't this is the question on the minds of all parents to be! Be it your first or second child, you will always be curious about the gender of the unborn child. It is an ancient Chinese legend that this baby gender chart was developed not to just predict if the sex or gender of the unborn baby is girl or boy. In fact this baby calendar makes it easy for parents to plan when to conceive the baby depending on whether you want to have a boy or a girl as this pregnancy calendar predicts the gender in advance.

It is said that this Chinese baby gender predictor was discovered in a royal tomb hundreds of years ago. The original Chinese gender chart has square boxes marked in pink and blue which show if the baby will be a boy or a girl depending on the mother's Chinese age and date of conception.

This Chinese gender calendar is an online tool developed from the baby birth chart. The original chart had different colored marked fields representing the birth of a baby boy or a girl. This current online Chinese pregnancy calendar makes it very simple by implementing the gender prediction calculations and thus giving you instant results.

This free online Chinese baby gender calculator predicts the sex of the baby based on the Chinese age of the mother and the conception date. You do not even have to find the Chinese age yourself and can just enter your date of birth. Our calculator does the rest for you.

The Chinese conception chart does not have any scientific basis. But it is seen that most of the gender predictions made using this calendar are 100% true.

This popular method of Chinese gender prediction is used by millions of people every day. The accuracy of predictions is not guaranteed but people who have tried it are very happy with the results. Take this free online baby gender selection test today!

P.S. This tool is exclusively for entertainment purpose only.