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Daily Fengshui good luck guide and advice

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Get Solid Feng Shui Tips Daily in 2016/2017. This app empowers and improves your life with its amazing but simple Feng Shui advice. Follow these simple tips to attain happiness and prosperity. Feng Shui promotes the idea of achieving success in life by keeping our home and office as clean as possible by helping easy flow of natural energies.

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Use this tool to get a free and friendly Feng Shui tip everyday in 2016. Feng Shui (Fung Shway) is a Chinese method of using the natural elements to bring about prosperity in our lives. It is the art of right positioning of different things in our home or office which can bring about peace and abundance.

Feng is translated as Air and Shui is Water. Ki or Qi which is the natural energy is spread by air and protected by water. These natural forces are responsible for all the good and bad things in our lives. We need to ensure that the flow of Qi is not stopped or obstructed in any way. And that is where this tool can help.

Knowing where to place different items according to Feng Shui can enhance our luck and prosperity. This Daily Feng Shui guides you in the correct placement of things and thus helps you become more prosperous in life.