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Predictions By Madame Marie Anne Lenormand

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Lenormand Oracle Predictions are accurate and precise. A Lenormand card reading finds answers and solutions to troubles. It also predicts the future.

A Lenormand deck is similar to Tarot card reading deck Rider Waite. It was developed by Marie Anne or Madame Lenormand in nineteenth century. Lenormande Oracle deck is used for fortune telling and predictions. The readers own psychic abilities reading help with the interpretation of the cards. Lenormand deck consists of thirty six cards.

Each and every card includes a different name for it, aside from the number.

The particular spreads found in this application are:

1. Three Cards Spread: This kind of structure can be used to know answers regarding past years, current and foreseeable future.

2. Four Cards Spread: In this form of layout, four cards are usually arranged in the pattern of an easy cross using each card in the four main directions.

3. Seven Cards Format: This layout is formed in the same shape as a triangular but a lot more similar to a new horseshoe. Every card identifies some significant concern to provide all of us a in-depth image of our past, present predicament and the result in long term future.

4. Nine Cards Spread: This form has all the 9 cards distributed in a 3 x 3 matrix. Card number provides the lowdown pertaining to that person communicating with them.

5. Fourteen Cards Design: This is more a little revised form of the 9 cards design.

6. Thirty-six Cards Format: The 36 Cards format gives total specifics of your own requests, the type of your inquiries, past troubles, possible obstructions, things producing obstacle inside your path and the prospect of money in hard times.

Try this amazing free Lenormand Oracle in 2016, 2017 and get comprehensive interpretations.

The present card was AMAZINGLY ACCURATE ! I am having huge problems in my mind and I am always worried. The card explained the same. My past card was also very accurate , my life was going very nice and smooth. And the future card also is partially accurate so far , "completetion of a task" <-- This is to happen's soon. WOW ! JUST WOW ! I never believed in these card things because once I did a free tarrot and it was so untrue but this really freaked me out !!!
Thank You I found the reading to be very insightful
If this really true I'm really forward to the changes.and that special someone to enter my life,:)
it doesn't explain the card positions, just the card meanings... so what is the point of using the different spreads?
I agree 100%
Amazing! So much detail, I love the pictures on the cards :)
Great interpretation, I liked it.
this is me
Wonderfully accurate!
I'm pretty amazed how accurate this is!!
Very interesting and accurate. Thank you
reading is true
Thanks for nice prediction
This is really accurate wow!!
Satyendra nath pandey
Very very affirmative
Beatriz Bispo
Very interesting