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Tasseography or tea leaf reading is tea leaves fortune telling

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Tasseography also known as tea leaf reading, Tasseomancy, tassology is a pretty common fortune telling or divination approach based on the psychic skill of reading tea leaves. This involves the art or practice of forecasting fortunes and interpreting the near future of persons from tea leaves. Tasseography or Teacup Reading is an historic form of fortune telling which started in Asia and other civilizations but was first brought forth by gypsies. The word -

Tasseography was first developed from French phrase "Tasseo" which implies cup and also Greek words "mancy", "graphy" and "logy" that means fortune telling or divination.

Tasseomancy is totally depending on a person's clairvoyant abilities to see more than what is visible and recognize the meaning from the different tokens developed by scattered tea leaves inside the cup. Numerous times, tea leaf also foretells for a person's complete life. You'll find certain images that represent specific significant troubles in an individual's lifetime.

With regards to the other types of predictions, Tea Leaves Reading is regarded as to be the most imaginative and perceptive forms which has been in practice for ages. A great level of attention is the primary factor to good results in this kind of fortune telling. It is focus that enables the tea leaf reader to interpret meanings reproduced by the tea leaves with the help of their clairvoyant abilities. A nice peaceful surrounding is much desired for Tasseomancy reading.

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