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Palm Reading or Palmistry (Chiromancy) Personality Test - Reading Palm Lines

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Palmistry or Chiromancy is the skill of knowing your fortunes and understanding your personality from your palm lines and related features. A detailed palm reading helps us understand our inner traits and become a better person. This requires the skill of telling fortunes and deciphering individuality from the lines on your palms.

It is stated that our left hand from our birth doesn't change and our right hand changes with our thinking and accomplishments. A number of the critical qualities of our own hands that support our identity tend to be: hand shape, form of palms, shape of fingernails, head line, travel line, fate line, Girdle of Venus, marriage line, life line, fame, heart line, well being line. The position of all these lines along with the shape of hands shows a great deal in addition with regards to our individuality.

Let's start to see the importance in the distinct attributes of our hands. The structure of our palms and hands convey to the genetic influence involving personality and temperament. Specific sorts of hands tend to be adaptable for one kind of function rather than other kind of work. The shapes of fingers give a strong understanding of your skills and attributes. The fingernails let you know about your common predisposition along with other innate traits.

Life Line signifies the energy and period of your existence. It informs you about disease and death as well as other vital functions that may perhaps affect your life. Head Line mainly shows the particular state of mind of an individual. It indicates mental strength or even weakness with respect to your talents.

Heart Line implies hidden passion, or charm between different people. It displays your gentle and warm nature. The Fate Line will be the straight line in the center of the palm. It indicates materialistic matters, good results or failure, influence of people on you and your career prospects. It is more visible in conical hands who believe in fate.

Your Apollo or Fame Line marks the road to amazing accomplishments. It is actually intensely marked about in conical, spatulate and philosophical palms. Light traces will reveal romances and dark lines indicate marriages. If it is nearer to the Heart Line, it signifies an early marriage. If it is closer to the ring finger it implies a delayed relationship.

Health Line suggests illness and the nonexistence of this line is an exceptional sign. Travel Lines reveal main journeys that affect your life. The Girdle of Venus is actually associated with sentiments, intelligence along with temperament.

Palm reading can help you understand your positive and negative attributes. Realizing more by what these lines indicate can help one analyze oneself and other people much better with the help of these free palmistry readings and reports.

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