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Handwriting Analysis or Graphology is a personality assessment test based on handwriting.

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Handwriting analysis also known as graphology is an interesting study of your personality involving your hand-writing. Handwriting analysis explains the worthiness and significance of one's hand-writing. Your current hand writing explains a lot regarding your character with a view of helping you become a better person, your nature, likes, dislikes, good and bad traits, what you tend do and lots more.


Handwriting analysis is among the majority of accepted personality test utilized to evaluate an individual's persona. The science of graphology has been around for several years and aims to raise understanding of one's persona and also his character. The word - Graphology was coined by Abby Michon. The word is obtained from the particular ancient Greek language phrase "Graph" which usually indicates "writing" along with "Ology" which indicates "study".

The particular research regarding studying an individual's writing is one of the many precise and complete analysis regarding one's behavior and character with respect to one's own hidden self and the persona one shows to the outside world. Every single individual bears multiple characters -- one's inner image, the actual persona shown to others and also the 3rd is usually a combination of the other two natures. Your handwriting and signature can reveal more than you could ever imagine.

Handwriting analysis is considered in becoming one of the quickest techniques regarding studying of everyone's actions and also individuality with wonderful precision. Similar to fingerprints, simply no two handwritings are same. Therefore, your handwriting truly reflects your own individuality. Thus, with regards to obtaining an exact "true" consequence regarding your character as well as altering individuality, it truly is preferable to assess your handwriting using the support of graphology methods at least every 30 days. The actual result produced therefore will likely be dependent upon factors like our own changing mind, environment, organization and daily issues.

Graphology is based on scientific research which displays the particular changing dynamics and also behavioral design associated with people. A person's individuality and conduct changes every day and even on sudden occasions.

Taking this free handwriting analysis test can help you understand yourself better and become a better person. Be your own graphologist and analyze handwriting for yourself, friends and family. Take this free self-test and you will get your personality profile result in seconds.