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Enneagram Personality Finds The 9 Types Of Human Personality

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Enneagram test is mental personality quiz that shows a person's outlook towards the world and his or her feelings. This allows someone to know themselves and others better. It allows you to realize the type of emotion that characterizes your nature. This free online personality test discovers which of the 9 kinds of the Enneagram suits your personality.



EnneagramThe Enneagram is among the popular personality systems being used, and stresses on mental motivation.  Its earliest roots aren't completely obvious - the circular symbol might have come from ancient Sufi traditions, and may have been utilized through the esoteric teacher George Gurdjieff.


In one perspective, the Enneagram is thought to be a collection of some nine distinct personality types, with every number around the Enneagram denoting one type. It's quite common to locate a little of yourself in all the 9 types, although one of these should stand to be the one that describes yourself the best. This is your fundamental Enneagram personality type.


No one is purely one personality type: everybody is really a unique combination of their fundamental type in most cases along with characteristics of any one of the adjoining Enneagram types that is seen more in your personality. Among the two types next to your fundamental type, the one that is more prominent is known as your Wing.


Your fundamental type rules your general personality and the wing complements it and adds important, sometimes conflicting aspects to your total personality. Your wing may be the other side of your personality, also it must be considered in order to be able to understand yourself or another person better.


Personality TypesThe Enneagram is principally a diagnostic tool of a person's emotional outlook.  It won't cure a person's problems, but might help explain their underlying fixations.  It's also helpful to know how others begin to see the world in a different way. The Enneagram is becoming particularly popular in self help and personal development fields, but other professions use it too, including practitioners, instructors, researchers, managers, and business people.


Listed here are the Nine Personality types of the Enneagram Quiz:

The Reformer

Reformers would be the most compulsively rational from all the 9 types, and also the perfectionist.


The Helper

This personality is among the most psychologically significant, and probably the most centered on personal relationships.


The Achiever

This personality type projects high independence, driving non-stop toward their career goals and targets.  However, the average Achievers long for approval from others.


Personality TestThe Individualist

They might probe their very own feelings to a great depth, seeking validity of feelings and clarity.


The Investigator

They are highly intelligent, strong requirement for independence and privacy, and high intellectual pursuits.


The Loyalist

This personality type frequently seek safety in like-minded people, reliable people. They may be fun-loving, humorous, and incredibly good company.


The Enthusiast

They're very enthusiastic, multi-gifted, diverse, inquisitive, and experienced, having a strong appreciation for beauty, style, and artistic appeal.


EnneagramThe Challenger

They may be confident to some fault – they speak what is on their mind, make quick but powerful choices, and respect other people who do the same.


The Peacemaker

They seem patient and are people who make a good audience, adaptable and making space for others.


Take this free online Enneagram test now to test your dominant personality type.

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