Crow or Raven – Native American Astrology

The tenth of the zodiac of Native American astrology, the Crow people are born entrepreneurs and are charming by nature. The ravens can be well relied upon for all kind of ideas and opinions, as they are not only realistic but also diplomatic. These people are always full of energy and remain active throughout the day. If you are a Crow individual, then you are born at the ‘Time of Falling Leaves’.

Crow or Raven – Native American Horoscope

Crow people have certain distinctions and peculiarities of their own – like, the direction which suit you people the best is Southwest; and it is the West winds that brings you good luck and your conventional totem animal is the grizzly bear. As far as your emotions are concerned, you are sensitive; justice is one of the most important factors for you people and you always try to be fair and just in all your dealings. Injustice and dishonesty are something that is not tolerated by the Ravens at any cost.

You folks are basically friendly, good natured individual and have a charming and an appealing approach; romantic and loving personality, idealistic and diplomatic are the keywords, which describes you best. What require attention are your determination, perseverance, inspiration and your impartiality. You feel life is all about harmonizing and thus the Crow people always try to bring about harmony and balance in whatever they do.

Lucky Color – Blue
Lucky Stone – Azurite
Lucky Tree – Ivy
Element – Air with Earth
Lucky Day – Friday
Lucky Time – 3pm-5pm
Goals – Partnership
Compatible Signs – Otter and deer
Polarity Totem – Falcon
Positive Attributes – Romantic, idealistic and diplomatic
Negative Attributes – Resentful, indecisive and frivol
Animal Symbol – Raven
Clan – Butterfly
Sub-Desires – Beauty and harmony
Sexual Nature – Strong
Nature – Cooperative
Function – To initiate ideas
Avoid – Hesitation and insecurity

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