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Tamil Jathagam or Panch Pakshi Shastra Horoscope Chart for 2016

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Tamil jathagam depends on particular Vedic astrology rules, but is different in its strategies of interpretation and result forecasts. While widespread Vedic astrology is targeted on Vedic moon sign, Panch Pakshi report look at nakshatra or Vedic birth star or constellation positions in your birth chart.

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The nakshatram position in a natal chart features certain special personality qualities. Your behavioral pattern is additionally under the influence of the birth star position. This free of charge Tamil astrology readings find your Vedic nakshatra and determine the way your personality attributes are generally determined by your nakshatra position.

Tamil Astrology

2016 Tamil jathagam, has an amazing take with respect to time. This divides time into five parts that is called "Panch Pakshi" - panch this means five as well as pakshi meaning 'birds'. The specific five birds assist you to find the right instant to start an important operation. The different names of pakshis or birds in Pancha Pakshi are owl, peacock, vulture, rooster as well as crow. Every bird is allotted 2 hours 24 minutes in time once every day and every night. These birds are said to be responsible for five duties namely: consuming, sleeping, going for walks, ruling and also dying. The panchpakshi is determined from your birth location, birth star and ascendant. Your love compatibility relating to the birth star and ruling is a truly important factor. To get a free Tamil birth chart reading, this should be considered.

You can enjoy a free Tamil astrology calculator 2016, 2017 right now with this application.

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