Hawk – Native American Astrology

Hawk or falcon is the fourth sign of the zodiac of Native American astrology. If you are on the look for a clear judgment in a complicated situation, then the falcon people are the best individuals to be relied upon. They believe in the saying – ‘time and tide waits fro no one’, and thus makes the most out of time.

Hawk – Native American Horoscope

Falcon folks are always to be found on the forefront to take up new projects and initiatives but at times they are a bit arrogant and dominating. If you are a Hawk individual, then you are born at the ‘Time of Awakening’. Hawk people have certain distinctions and peculiarities of their own – like, the direction which suits you the best is the Northeast; the East wind brings you luck and your conventional totem animal is eagle.

As far as your emotion is concerned, the Hawk folks are basically very fast and dynamic in nature. You are powerful, forceful and have a spontaneous personality. Adventurous and enterprising are the keywords, which describe you, people the best. If anything in your personality needs to be worked upon, it is your patience, sympathy and your perseverance. You believe lives of all individuals are recognized by their work and thus you never miss an opportunity to thrive upon new and prospective openings.

Lucky Color – Yellow and green
Lucky Stone – Opal
Lucky Tree – Dandelion
Element – Fire
Lucky Day – Tuesday
Lucky Time – 3am-5am
Goals – Initiation and leadership
Compatible Signs – Salmon and owl
Polarity Totem – Crow
Positive Attributes – Generous manner, flexible to new openings and adventurous
Negative Attributes – Impatient, egoistic and boastful
Animal Symbol – Falcon
Clan – Thunderbird
Sub-Desires – Experience
Sexual Nature – Easily aroused, fiery and passionate
Nature – Impulsive
Function – To initiate
Avoid – Pride and vanity

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