Wolf – Native American Astrology

Wolf is the third sign of the Native American zodiac, the wolf is said to be the lover of the zodiac both physically as well as psychologically. The wolf subjects understand well that love is the only thing which can transform the life of all human beings and thus, they are very good in providing the true love to one and all. Born under this Native American zodiac sign, the wolf people are very much independent and as such they are also a bit contradictory at times.

If you are a Wolf individual, then you are born at the ‘Time of Stormy Winds’. Wolf people have certain distinctions and peculiarities of their own – like, the direction which suits you the best are the North and the northeast; the North wind brings you luck and your conventional totem animal is buffalo. As far as your emotion is concerned, the Wolf folks generally have very deep feelings and emotions.

Wolf Horoscope

You people are also artistic, gentle, and generous and possess a sympathetic attitude. You can never see your friends and family in distress and can do anything in order to help them out. Understanding and sensitive are the keywords, which describe you, people the best. If anything in your personality needs to be worked upon, they are your intuition, sense of perception and creativity. You believe love is life and thus the Wolf natives are quite generous in spreading the message and feeling of love across the universe.

Lucky Color – Blue green
Lucky Stone – Jade
Lucky Tree – Plantain
Element – Water with Air
Lucky Day – Thursday
Lucky Time – 1pm-3pm
Goals – Freedom
Compatible Signs – Woodpecker, bear, snake
Polarity Totem – Salmon
Positive Attributes – Adaptability, understanding and sensitive
Negative Attributes – Anxious, unpractical, timid and vague
Animal Symbol – Wolf
Clan – Frog
Sexual Nature – Loving and tender
Nature – Trusting
Function – Recovery
Avoid – Indolence, timidness and impracticality

Otter – Native American Astrology

Otter is the second sign of the zodiac of Native American astrology. Otter people are quite unpredictable and unorthodox. One can never figure out the complete characteristic traits of these people. Unlike the Goose zodiac, you are not responsible and can never be relied upon to complete the work that has been assigned to you. You are intelligent, creative and imaginative and perceive the world around you in a totally different manner than the others.

Otter – Native American Horoscope

Otter people are active listeners and make very good friends and counselors. If you are an Otter individual, then you are born at the ‘Time of Purification’. Otter people have certain distinctions and peculiarities of their own – like, the direction which suits you the best is North; the North wind brings you luck and your conventional totem animal is buffalo. As far as your emotion is concerned, the Otter folks love to be in solitude and detached from everybody.

As have been pointed out previously, you people are quite imaginative and creative and thus excel in all kind of artistic work; good perception, inventor and flexible are the keywords, which describe you best. You need to improve your tolerance power, you courage and to some extent, your inventiveness. You believe life is based on the power of creativity and thus born under this sign of the zodiac, the Otter people make very good musicians and artists. If these folks are nurtured in a good environment, they are likely to be sensitive, honest and courageous; or else they will turn out to be rebellious, dishonest and isolated.

Lucky Color – Silver
Lucky Stone – Turquoise
Lucky Tree – Fern
Element – Air
Lucky Day – Saturday
Lucky Time – 11am-1pm & 11pm-1am
Goals – Knowledge
Compatible Signs – Crow, falcon, bear
Polarity Totem – Salmon
Positive Attributes – Inventor, flexible and good perception
Negative Attributes – Stubborn and unpredictable
Animal Symbol – Otter
Clan – Butterfly
Sub-Desires – Wisdom
Sexual Nature – Hot and cold depending upon mood
Nature – Humanitarian
Function – Carrier
Avoid – Stubbornness and rebelliousness

Goose – Native American Astrology

Goose is the first sign of the zodiac of the Native American astrology. They are the most responsible individuals and if you want something to be done and completed, then assign it tot the Goose people. You always set goals for yourself, which are achievable; from the very early stages of your life, you strive to attain success at all cost.

The dominating personality of the Native American Zodiac Sign Goose makes them excellent and promising businessman and sportsman. If you are a Goose individual, then you are born at the ‘Time for Renewal’. Goose people have certain distinctions and peculiarities of their own – like, the direction which is lucky for you is North and Northeast; the North wind brings you luck and your conventional totem animal is buffalo.

As far as your emotion is concerned, the Goose folks concentrate on a particular thing at a particular point of time. Basically you people are confident about all your undertakings; determination, ambitious and perseverance are the keywords, which describes you best. What requires attention is your ability to express yourself, your needs and your desires. You believe life is all about adaptation and thus born under this zodiac sign, the Goose people are very flexible. If provided with the perfect family support, then you people excel in all your undertakings.

Goose – Native American Astrology

Lucky Color – White
Lucky Stone – Peridot
Lucky Tree – Birch tree
Element – Earth with Air
Lucky Day – Saturday
Lucky Time – 9 am-11am & 9pm-11pm
Goals – Preservation
Compatible Signs – Bear, brown, crow, beaver
Polarity Totem – Woodpecker
Positive Attributes – Perseverance, ambitious and strong will force
Negative Attributes – Stubborn, pessimistic, egoistic and demanding
Animal Symbol – Snow Goose
Clan – Turtle
Sub-Desires – integrity
Sexual Nature – Sensual, romantic and long lasting
Nature – Extremist
Function – Preparing the ground
Avoid – Pessimism and self-doubt

Scorpio Pet Astrology

Scorpio Pet Astrology

Among all the other pets of the zodiac, the Scorpio pets are the most loyal and devoted. If you care for your Scorpio pets and treat them with little love and affection in their early life, then it will come back to you in the form of love and loyalty from these animals throughout their life; while if you make the mistake of mistreating them in their early life, then getting the trust and loyalty from the Scorpions may be extremely difficult.

Scorpio animals are full of energy and they are very possessive about their belongings. Emotional and intuitive are the keywords which best describes a Scorpio pet. If the master of a Scorpio pet is upset then you will surely find the little animals close to their masters and comforting him/her throughout. These animals are mysterious and curious too.

Personalized Kundli Match Making Report For Your Birth Chart

Kundli or Horoscope Matching in Vedic Astrology Finds Marriage Compatibility on Basis of Birth Charts or Janam Kundali.

Kundli matching or Guna Milan is a free Vedic astrology based compatibility calculator. It generates your marriage compatibility report online in seconds. By knowing the level of match between a couple, one can decide whether to go ahead or not with a relationship in order to maintain harmony. Horoscope matching is done on basis of the janam kundali or birth chart of the bride and the groom.

Kundli Matching
Kundli Matching

Manglik can be used for already married couples or for people who are planning to get married. It doesn’t just help you assess the information of your suggested bride or even groom but in addition helps understand the relations between the families. If you along with your would-be wife or husband go for matrimony after doing a kundali match, you will definitely be happier. This will bring about harmony in your marital relationship.

Kundli matching is done on the basis of Ashta Kuta or eight principles. The eight aspects are: Varna (caste), Vasya (loyalty), Grahamaitri (planetary friendship), Rashi Kuta (moon sign), Dina (birth star or nakshatra), Yoni (source), Gana (temperaments and Nadi Kuta. Different aspects, when combined, are assigned 36 points. If your compatibility score is below 18 the relationship is feared to be poorly harmonious.

Vedic Kundali Match
Vedic Kundali Match For Marriage

In Indian or Hindu Mythology, it is thought that a relationship is an auspicious bond between couples. Their new relationship begins with the blessings of Gods. This new bond is something special straight from paradise whereby, the pair has an influence on each other’s life. A happy and satisfactory marriage depends on the planetary influences in the natal chart or janampatri of both the partners. If the marriage compatibility isn’t very good, this can lead to fights and quarrels. Thus matching of kundli is considered very important in Vedic Astrology.

In Vedic astrology the moon sign is considered to be very important. It is responsible for our emotions, feelings and lots more. Manglik or position of planet Mars in certain positions in a native’s birth chart is also considered to be important.

Marriage Compatibility
Love Compatibility For Marriage

Kundli matching is absolutely essential if you wish to have a couple’s birth charts analyzed on the basis of Vedic astrology. You can get a free kundli match making report with analysis using this online horoscope matching calculator.

Free Love Astrology Horoscope Profile For 12 Zodiac Signs

Get Your Free Love Astrology Report For Your Star Sign

Get free Love Astrology forecasts for your zodiac sign. Once you get an insight into the love horoscope of yourself or your partner, you will be able to understand better the attitude of people under the 12 signs of the zodiac. Make your relationship more successful by knowing your romantic profile. Get answers to all your questions about your passion, desires and sexual tendencies.

Love Astrology
Love Astrology

Sexual Eros Astrology – Your Erotic Personality

Eros astrology is based on the asteroid astrology of asteroid Eros. It shows the position of asteroid Eros in your birth chart and corresponding erotic and sensual personality. Eros is also known as Cupid. This sign helps you recognize your sexual needs and know more about your erotic fancies, lasting love, passion and sexuality.

cupid love astrology
Eros Sexual Astrology

In addition to the zodiac sign and astrology moon sign, the Eros asteroid sign also helps you understand your nature. Eros in Greek astrology means ‘Cupid’. This has given rise to a most nontraditional sort of astrology. In Roman mythology Eros was previously a handsome and winged teen. His eyes had been concealed which began to imply that love was really blind. Eros sign stands for obsession, creativity, love and lustful wishes.

Eros or sexual Astrology gives you a free online report that is easy to understand and helps you become more aware of your hidden sexual needs and desires. Get a free sexual horoscope and see what it reveals about your passionate personality.

Passion Hearts


Snake – Native American Astrology

The eleventh sign of the Native American astrology, the Snake or the serpent has a natural and an easy-to-go approach towards life. If you are on the look out for an excellent spiritual leader, then Snake individual is the right person for you. Snakes are well known for possessing extraordinary healing powers and thus, born under this sign of the zodiac, the Snake people make excellent medical professionals.

Snake – Native American Animal Signs

If you are a Snake individual, then you are born at the ‘Time of Frost’. Snake people have certain distinctions and peculiarities of their own – like, the direction which suits you the best is West; again it is the West winds that brings you luck and your conventional totem animal is the grizzly bear. As far as your emotions are concerned, you people are warm, kind hearted and generous.

Basically you people have a secretive nature and turn out to be very dark at times, but otherwise you are sensitive, kind and understanding; imaginative, powerful and sharp sighted are the keywords, which describes you best. Snake natives are generally very determined, ambitious, impulsive and intense. What requires attention are your creativity, tolerance and your adaptability. As have been pointed out earlier, that although you people are secretive yet you are sensitive and you expect the same level of sensitivity from everybody around you.

Lucky Color – Violet
Lucky Stone – Amethyst
Lucky Tree – Thistle
Element – Water with Earth
Lucky Day – Tuesday
Lucky Time – 5am-7am & 5pm-7pm
Goals – Satisfaction
Compatible Signs – Woodpecker and wolf
Polarity Totem – Beaver
Positive Attributes – Imaginative, powerful and sharp sighted
Negative Attributes – Restlessness, stubborn, mysterious and distrustful
Animal Symbol – Snake
Clan – Frog
Sub-Desires – Spiritual unification
Sexual Nature – Intense
Nature – Inquiring
Function – Changing things
Avoid – Arrogance and egoism

Cartomancy Reading Fortune Telling With Playing Cards

Cartomancy is really a type of geomancy using playing cards. Normal playing cards in particular have been employed for fortune telling since ancient times and have in particular remained well-known since then. They are assumed to be 1 of the different strategies of acquiring contact with the unknown.

Cartomancy divination with playing cards with regards to fortune telling has always been used since eighteenth century. It’s one of essentially the oldest form of foretelling. It could be an extremely critical process, using complex techniques that theoretically provide a really meticulous reading for a querent with regard of the past, present as well as his future.

Free Cartomancy Reading

A Cartomancy reading entails a lot of spreads like Single Card, Destiny Square, 3 cards and many more. Various spreads are employed for diverse types of readings. The querent can also choose the type of spread one wants to make use of for the reading.

Cartomancy is similar to Tarot cards reading. Cartomacy helps one to not merely understand what the future may have in store for him. It also enhances the instinctive abilities of a reader. Take this free cartomancy reading online and get detailed meanings of cards and spreads.

Cards Divination

Bear – Native American Astrology

Bear is the ninth sign of the zodiac of Native American astrology. Bear people are basically very logical and methodical. Whenever you need a steady hand to support you, it can be provided to you only by these people. The practicality of the Bear people makes them successful businessman as well as good business partners. A bit modest as well as shy, Bear folks are blessed with a kind and generous heart.

Bear – Native American Horoscope

If you are a Bear individual, then you are born at the ‘Time for Harvest’. Bear people have certain distinctions and peculiarities of their own – like, the directions which suit you people the best are the South and the Southwest; again it is the south winds that brings you luck and your conventional totem animal is the mouse.

As far as your emotions are concerned, you are warmhearted and analytical; never do you people jump upon a particular conclusion without analyzing all the pros and cons of a particular situation. Though you can be fussy by nature at times, yet you are modest, practical minded and diligent; accuracy and pragmatic are the keywords, which describes you best. What require attention are your tolerance and your optimistic nature. Try and do the right thing but never try to be perfect.

Lucky Color – Brown and violet
Lucky Stone – Topaz
Lucky Tree – Violet
Element –Earth with Water
Lucky Day – Wednesday
Lucky Time – 1pm-3pm
Goals – Permanent effort for the examination
Compatible Signs – Goose and beaver
Polarity Totem – Wolf
Positive Attributes – Accuracy and modesty
Negative Attributes – Grumbler, hypo critic and workaholic
Animal Symbol – Brown bear
Clan – Turtle
Sub-Desires – Perfection
Sexual Nature – Moralistic
Nature – Considerate
Function – To modify
Avoid – Skepticism and procrastination