Significance Of The Native American Medicine Wheel

Medicine Wheel was used as method of ritual and fortune telling by Ancient Native Americans. They had drawn medical wheels as stone structures, with few more than 70 feet in diameter. Though some view it as a site for prayer or astronomical significance, many view it as site of divination.

Native American Medicine Wheel

You can construct your own medicine Wheel. All you have to do is take five stones or statues or crystals and arrange them in this manner – one in the center and rest four in four directions. It is generally preferred to arrange the specific elements for the directions. For example, if you want to make Medicine Wheel with animal statues, then place Butterfly statue in the Center, Wolf in the North, Mouse in the South, Eagle in the East and Bear in the West. Make sure the directions are perfectly aligned with magnetic directions with the aid of magnetic compass.

It is believed that Ether influences the center, while Fire, Earth, Water and Air influence the East, West, South and North directions respectively. Medicine does not mean the pills as we consider today. Ancient Americans thought of energy as medicines and since people remain in touch with energy via these wheels, these are called Medicine Wheel. One of the most popular medicine wheels is the Bighorn medicine wheel.

Medicine Wheel

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