Psychic Love Reading

With a psychic love reading you will be able to gain clarity and understanding of the relationship you are in, and be able to learn more about the person that you are in a relationship with. This includes how they are feeling, emotions, compatibility, commitment issues, communication, love triangles and lots more.

Love Psychic

You are in control of what you ask the psychic, so please enter your questions wisely in this psychic love tarot calculator! Some people aren’t currently involved with anybody and want to know when someone new is going to enter their life, that is completely fine as well! No question is too big or too little, if it is putting your life on hold then get insight so that you can move forwards knowing whether you are wasting your energy, or not!

Color Therapy For Your Personality

Do you have an interest in how colors affect you and what they mean?

The color you wear can reflect a lot about your personality. For example if you’re a confident fiery person wanting to be noticed you may wear red, where as someone who is less confident about themselves and their appearance may wear a darker color such as black.

Lucky Colours

Here are some colors and what they represent:

Red: Sexual love, danger, confidence, strength, vigor, anger, fire, passion.
Orange: Balance, kindness, encouragement, adaptability,sociability.
Yellow: Charm, jealousy, comfort, joy, persuasion, cheerful, wisdom, helps memory.
Green: Fertility, energy, growth, finances. peace, relieves anxiety.
Blue: Tranquility, understanding, communication, truth, patience.
Violet: Tension, power, healing, calmness, kindness.
Pink: Peace, harmony, playfulness, charming, romantic, delicate.
White: Purity, this contains all colors and reflects back what is sent towards it.
Gold: Positivity, action, balance, sun energy.

So if you’re going out tonight or perhaps to an interview, this list of color therapy lucky colors will be quite useful for what you need to wear.

How Numbers Influence a Person’s Life

Numerology Numbers 2013

Numbers have a certain amount of power over people. A certain order of digits on a clock can propel them to drive faster; to hurry up and to even sweat. A number on a calendar can give one the impulse to go out and buy gifts for friends. Some people have lucky numbers and follow this number whenever they see it in any form, treating it as a “sign” that promises better things. Some people see a number and feel fear.

It is common for the number 13 to have the reputation of being unlucky. In a casino, you’ll never find a 13th floor. The elevator buttons go from 12 straight to 14. It is designed that way to hold back a fear that will strike in the hearts of many people sensitive to numbers.

There is a system that many study called “Numerology”. This is least popular than astrology, but like astrology, as opposed to planets, it is the numbers that hold meaning and give certain traits to people. What are your numbers? Try our free numerology calculator to get your number predictions for 2013. Do you know how you are being influenced by them? Numbers are another mystery worth figuring out in order to have more control over your life.

2013-2014 Aries Health Horoscope

Aries Health Horoscope 2013-2014

The 2013-2014 Aries health horoscope predicts that the Aries people should avoid salt and liquor. Too much salt affects bones and arteries while liquor stimulates and reacts negatively on the kidneys. These effects are magnified in case of the Aries natives, considering their body type. Drink lot of water and take required rest according to your food horoscope.

Aries people generally tend to be sharp thinkers who often use common sense. Head is a body part related to the Aries sun sign. They may experience sinus conditions, head congestion, headache and even migraine in the coming year.

2013-2014 Career Predictions – Number 9

Destiny / Expression Number 9 cannot work under stress, tensions and pressures. Serving many people at a single go makes you the happiest person on earth. Compromise at the workplace is something which can never be expected from you in 2014. You are sincere, loyal and honest as workers. Some of the career choices for you are doctors, decorators, lawyers and hospital workers.

Career Numerology 9

2013-2014 Career Predictions – Number 8

Born with the qualities of a successful leader Destiny Number 8 always want to be at the top. Your physical energy and strong mental stamina helps you overcome all troubles at the workplace, basically you are problem solver type of individual. Career numerology 2014 predicts that careers related to chairman, movie producer, athlete are the best options for you.

2014 Career Numerology For 8

2013-2014 Career Predictions – Number 6

Career Number 6

Helping and assisting everybody around you, be it your home or office, is the primary concern of Destiny Number 6 people. Working environment is something which affects you a lot.

Put in the right working place with a good and healthy environment will make you give your best output in 2014. Store owners, doctors, nurses are the best options for you people.

2013-2014 Career Predictions – Number 5

Number 5 Predictions 2014

The first and foremost concern for Destiny Number 5 people is being easy-to-go and an independent individual. So any job or career giving you enough space for yourself will keep you satisfied and happy, according to career 2014 predictions.

Moreover you love to interact and communicate with people and come across new faces and new people in your workplace. Without these you will never get the stimulation to work. As such careers related to waiters/ waitresses, chauffeurs, journalists, writers are the best choice for you.

2013-2014 Career Predictions – Number 4

career number 2014

Knowing what your numerology career predictions forecast for 2014 can help you plan your career in advance. Having the Expression / Destiny Number 4, you are the workaholic type of person. You are the ‘foundation builder.’

Discovering and innovating new things are a part of your passion and this is what keeps you happy. Basically, you never like to be governed by other people and as a result jobs related to contractor, builder and manufacturer will suit you the best.

Numerology numbers express more than we generally realize, and it also helps us understand our cosmic vibrations and gives a deeper awareness about career and work life.

2013-2014 Career Predictions – Number 3

Career Numerology 2013 2014

The native of Expression Number 3 are always concerned about their working environment and the people around them in 2014. Work is something which hardly bothers you. Looking good compared to others, fitting perfectly well in the working environment, keeping everybody around you happy, developing excellent rapport with the colleagues are all what bothers you primarily.

After all these things you finally turn to have a look at your work profile. Your career numerology predictions forecast that if placed in the perfect job that suits your personal profile well, then you are the happiest person on earth. Careers related to hair stylist, fashion designer, actors/actresses, musicians suits you people the best.

2013-2014 Career Predictions – Number 2

Are you a native with Expression number 2? If your answer is yes, then be on the look out for the job of an assistant. Being ruled by this number, you people are best suited as assistants or secretaries of the ruling body. In the workplace, you will never be found to be working.

Giving orders and dictating terms to others for the work to get done is the typical nature of the person with 2 as their Expression number, predicts the 2013-2014 career numerology. Jobs related to bankers, office assistant, dancers, musicians, numerologists, teachers or even astrologers will suit you best. Let this career numerology predictions for 2014 help you find the perfect career.

Career Number 2014

2013-2014 Career Predictions – Number 1

With 1 as your Expression number, you are born with the qualities of a successful leader. So under such a circumstance it will be best for you to pursue a career in an authoritative position in 2014.

2013-2014 Career Forecasts

Team leaders, company managers, presidents, actors/actresses, writers or even union or politics leader are the best career choices for you. Leading and not following is your nature says the 2013-2014 career numerology predictions for the Number 1 people.

In case you are guided or ruled by other people, then you are bound to turn out very much unsuccessful in your career life. Moreover, creativity is also an integral part of your character. So given the opportunity to show off your creative works, people with destiny number 1 will simply excel in your work life.

Career Numerology Predictions 2013-2014

Career is something about which we all are concerned about. It is very often said that – ‘Happiness cannot be bought with money; but it can be achieved through job satisfaction.’ Thus by following the career path that suits your talent the best, you can land up with the best career and start loving your job. Numerologists across the world claim that the study of numerology can make accurate career predictions for you. Numerology unveils your hidden talents, desires and needs.

For the right career choice, the Expression number or Destiny Number of a person needs to be considered. This Number is calculated by making use of your full name as given at birth. You get an overview of career choices and vigor related to each of the different expression numbers ranging from 1 – 9. A career numerology report can give you clear idea about the right career you should take up in order to be successful.

2013-2014 Career Predictions

Ceres Asteroid Astrology – Zodiac Mothering Sign

Ceres in your zodiac sign influences hard work, parenting and gardening. Ceres asteroid is associated with female fertility and reproductive organs and stomach. The bad effects of Ceres can lead to digestion problems, kidnapping, problems at work and negative thinking.

Ceres Mothering Sign

When Ceres asteroid sign also known as the zodiac mothering sign, was in your birth sign which turns out to be Aries, then you would be protective of your family. You might value self-determination and work a lot. When your birth time had the asteroid Ceres travel through Virgo, then you will always be busy doing one work or other. You will be well organized and wants to nurture others through service.

Pallas Astrology – Your Zodiac Warrior Sign

The Pallas asteroid astrology shows your warrior zodiac sign and your ability to fight over all odds. The asteroid Pallas carries influence over your body immune system, relationship between father and child, intuitive powers, sense of justice, knowledge and courage. Pallas in Sagittarius during your birth can make you defend truth and righteousness like a knight in shining armor. When Pisces harbors Pallas during your birth, then you will be poetic and inspirational.

warrior sign
Pallas Astrology

Vesta Astrology – Your Zodiac Energy Sign

The second largest asteroid in the solar system, Vesta, brings out your purest potential but at times you might lack focus. You would be caregiver and have strong responsibility to family when you are born when Vesta is in Cancer sign. When Vesta is in Taurus and when you had taken birth, then you will be fixed to your routines.Vesta astrology sign is also known as the zodiac energy sign named after Goddess Vesta.

Vesta Asteroid Astrology – Zodiac Energy Sign

Juno Astrology For Love And Relationships

The asteroid Juno covers marriage, fashion, beauty and is the patron of relationships and true love. Juno astrology gives free astrology predictions for Juno in signs of the zodiac in your birth chart. It is also known as your zodiac soul mate sign.

Juno Asteroid Astrology

When Juno is in Leo during your birth, you would want romance and excitement and to be happy. You might not like being ignored in a relationship. While you can immature, you would show a lot of love to your partner.

When Juno asteroid was in Aquarius during your birth, then you would be Juno: The asteroid Juno covers marriage, fashion, beauty and is the patron of relationships and true love.

When Juno was in Aquarius during your birth, then you would be insecure and also appreciate eccentricity in the partner.and also appreciate eccentricity in the partner.

Find your Juno sign to find your soulmate.

What’s Your Chiron Healing Zodiac Sign For 2013

Chiron Asteroid Astrology

Asteroids are a big chunk of rocks that lie between the planetary orbits of Mars and Jupiter. They sometimes escape from their orbit and make their way too near to Earth threatening its inhabitants. These asteroids were added into Western astrology very recently and they were said to have influence on your life. Based on which zodiac sign these asteroid remain, the effect on people can be determined. Chiron is the most popular of all asteroid astrology signs.

Chiron lies between Uranus and Saturn. Chiron stands for healing and when Chiron is in your birth zodiac sign, then you might be healed or heal the sufferers.  For example, if Chiron was there in Gemini when you took birth, then you might be healed for your lack of communication. You might need to gain more knowledge and practice speaking skills to overcome this problem. Or if Chiron had stayed in Libra when you were born, then your relationship needs to be healed. You might be hurt or got rejected in a relationship.

Chiron Zodiac Sign