Color Therapy For Your Personality

Do you have an interest in how colors affect you and what they mean?

The color you wear can reflect a lot about your personality. For example if you’re a confident fiery person wanting to be noticed you may wear red, where as someone who is less confident about themselves and their appearance may wear a darker color such as black.

Lucky Colours

Here are some colors and what they represent:

Red: Sexual love, danger, confidence, strength, vigor, anger, fire, passion.
Orange: Balance, kindness, encouragement, adaptability,sociability.
Yellow: Charm, jealousy, comfort, joy, persuasion, cheerful, wisdom, helps memory.
Green: Fertility, energy, growth, finances. peace, relieves anxiety.
Blue: Tranquility, understanding, communication, truth, patience.
Violet: Tension, power, healing, calmness, kindness.
Pink: Peace, harmony, playfulness, charming, romantic, delicate.
White: Purity, this contains all colors and reflects back what is sent towards it.
Gold: Positivity, action, balance, sun energy.

So if you’re going out tonight or perhaps to an interview, this list of color therapy lucky colors will be quite useful for what you need to wear.

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