Gemini Career Horoscope

Brilliant, restless and popular among the employees are the keywords which describe the Gemini boss best. Once assigned the position of authority, the Twins are fast and prompt to delegate and divide responsibility. Over sentimental or being excessively emotional is their personality type at the workplace forecasts the Gemini 2014 predictions.

The 2013-2014 Gemini career horoscope predicts that in their workplace the Geminis are very efficient in sorting things out and work in a systematic manner. Being clever and tactful individuals, these people make very good businessman and professionals and are blessed with money making efficiency.

Blessed with a quick mind and a sharp tongue, the Twins are very often found to switch from one project to another or from one job type to another. The Twin employees do not love or like to work overtime under any circumstance. They may lack dedication, commitment and the stability to be working in a single place.


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