Gemini Pet Horoscope

Air is the element of the Twins. As a result, birds go very well with the Geminean nature. Tiny and delicate creatures attract the Gemini people and they prefer to keep parrots or cockatiels as their pets.Read on to know more pet astrology for Geminis.

Born under this sign of the zodiac, the Gemini folks love to talk and it is their pet who gives them company throughout the day. Apart from birds and tiny creatures, an intelligent and witty dog say, the German shepherd will also prove to be great companion for the Twins.
Scorpio is the sign of the zodiac which influences the pet zone of the Gemini. As a result, you will be sharing a very close and intimate relationship with your pets. Animals are petted by you just for the purpose of companionship. Geminis are great speakers; so their pets need to be good and active listeners.

german shephard

Geminis are well known for being friendly and this very characteristic trait of the Twins helps them in creating a great rapport with their pets within a short span if time. The animals which prove to be the best pets for the perfect Geminean are eagles, ravens, wolves, reptiles, spiders, pike, vermin, scorpions and sharks.

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