Libra Zodiac Sign – An Introduction

Libra BalanceWelcome to the world of the Libra zodiac sign  or ‘The Balance’. Have you noticed that Libra is the only sign in the zodiac which is not represented by any living form of human or animal?

The astrology sign can be associated with the statue of the Goddess of Justice holding the dome of balance in her hands with her eyes covered with a black patch of cloth. This suggests that a Libran always believes in fair and equal judgment and stands for impartiality.

The seventh sign of the zodiac, Libra is the symbol of eternal balance and harmony. Sun enters Libra at the time of the year when the nights and the days are of equal length and the earth and sun are in balance, this natural parity implies the nature of the sun sign and its equilibrium. It is the time when Autumn begins and the harvesters weigh and balance their crops.

The zodiac sign is associated with the Egyptian deity called Anubis or the ‘Lord of the Dead’ who weighs each soul before deciding on his moral worth depending upon their deeds on earth. And then he would determine the destination of those deceased souls either to Heaven or to Hell. This suggests his great responsibility of making the final and fair judgment and even handedness. The mythology of Libra is also connected with Egyptian Goddess of Cosmic Order called Maat who is the epitome of wisdom and balance.


The scales or the balance is also linked to one of the oldest of Greek Goddesses called the goddess of ‘Divine Justice and Law’ called Themis who is the mother of the Seasons, the Time and the Three Fates who determine human destiny. Themis is considered as the benefactor of oracles and is personified as the ‘Social order of law and customs’ which is derived from the balance of nature and earth.

This is a golden opportunity to explore and discover all the nuances and mysticism of a true Libran soul.

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