What Is Reiki?


One of the oldest Japanese techniques of energy and spiritual healing is Reiki. It is generally practiced by placing of one’s hands on a sick person and making him believe that he will be fine. Similar to the Chinese culture ‘Chi’ that flows through an individual’s body, Reiki is also the ‘life force which flows throughout the body.

The term ‘Reiki’ has been derived from two words – ‘Rei’ meaning the wisdom of God and ‘Ki’ which means energy. The combination of these two words symbolizes the spiritual guide of the energy of life force. It is a common belief among the Japanese that if the life force energy i.e. the Reiki, is low in an individual, then he may fall ill and become disease prone; while those who are high on this energy will lead a happy, peaceful and healthy life.


Principles of Reiki

Before starting the practice of Reiki, one needs to be aware of the several guiding principles. Understanding the principles enables a person to use the energy for spiritual and mental healing in an easier way. The principles have been discussed as follows:

1. Just for today – no anger: Anger is considered to be the most complex enemy of the mind. It creates obstacles in the flow of energy. Reiki helps in removing all the accumulated angers and brings peace to mind. But current anger cannot be moved by Reiki.

2. Just for today – no worries: Unlike anger, worries deal with one’s future. Though it is not a negative phenomenon, but it may create anxiety within the body. Reiki helps waive off all worries and relaxes the body.

3. Just for today – be grateful: Small words like thank you, forgive me, sorry, so good of you expresses the inner feeling of gratitude. It makes the life of others happy and brings joy to a person’s spirits.

4. Just for today – be honest: Honesty is the best policy. For a single day, try and do your work respectfully. Honesty brings abundance to the soul.

5. Just for today – be kind: Respect and honor your elders and teachers. Kindness brings love to the will power.

Reiki is the transfer of energy from outside to internal environment. In that case, for those who practice Reiki will be able to take the universal energy and transfer it within themselves. By doing this, it will change the internal energy level and allow several different types of healing to work.

 Reiki – a type of massage

reikiIn the recent past, Reiki has gained tremendous importance and popularity as a therapeutic massage. These days Reiki is being used as an alternative healing therapy of the body, mind and the soul. It transfers energy into the person who is taking the therapy and thus energizes his body and soul. The energy thus transferred, is balanced and realigned and is stored in the body of the person, who received the therapy.

The practice of Reiki therapy can be learned by anyone. The technique may have some spiritual nature but it must not however be considered to be a form of religion. The Reiki course is imparted in any massage school and it does not require any sort of specialization. Like aromatherapy and acupressure, Reiki too is an effective form of alternative healing.

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