The Best Tarot Cards to See for Major Decisions in Life

Big decisions are part of everyone’s lives. Sometimes, people have no issue making them. They put the pros and cons in balance or choose with their hearts. Other times, such decisions can be very challenging when they fall on your shoulders.


These decisions can relate to anything you can think of. It could be your relationship or maybe your career. It could be your connection with your parents or something related to your health. Your decision can affect your whole life, and this thought itself puts even more pressure on your mind.


There’s no right or wrong here because there are times when even bad decisions can lead to good outcomes. But then, would you really take a chance? Exactly! Tarot cards can give you guidance and push you in the right direction for the best possible outcome.


Are tarot cards the answer?


There are more options when in need of guidance. Some people go for therapy. Some others rely on friends and family. However, some of the advice they may get will not always align with the universe.


Sure, people will try to find common sense in every decision they make, but the universe may often work in different ways. There are times when the apparently bad decision is proven to be the better one.


There’s definitely a risk involved, no matter what choice you make. When it comes to finding the spiritual way, tarot cards are probably your best choice.


Best tarot cards for major decisions in life


There are more cards out there that can offer guidance for big decisions, but some of them seem more effective than others.


The Emperor card tells you to keep it rational. Don’t lose your head. Simply stay organized and use your wisdom for this decision. Avoid the idea of immediate results, but focus on the long term instead. Keep an eye out for small details and let them guide you accordingly.


The Empress card means it’s time for something new. If a major decision brings in a big change, go for it. It could be a new relationship or perhaps a new career. It’s a good opportunity, so you’ll have to jump in and follow your heart.


The Hermit is often associated with loneliness, but it doesn’t mean you’re alone. Instead, it tells you that you’ll find the right choice yourself, without seeking help. At the same time, you may need to illuminate others in order to find your own path.


The Chariot card underlines a long journey. The good news is you’re on the right path. Keep being focused and maintain your balance overtime. Everything’s in sync, but you need to keep in control at all times.


The High Priestess means that your intuition will guide you. Try to figure out what feels best from all points of view. Look for clues and use them in your instinct.


Two of Swords is a card about tension. You’re in a problematic situation, but you can overcome it if you manage to keep your diplomacy standards high.


The Magician is all about focus and concentration. Keep grabbing resources to help with this decision. You may need to focus on creating something new too.


The Seven of Swords card means someone is about to give you bad advice. If you rely on friends or family for this decision, do the opposite. They’re not doing it consciously, but their advice will push you in the wrong direction.


The Lovers card tells you that you’ve learned to accept everything. But at the same time, the card is warning you about how your decision could affect your loved ones. Pay extra attention to this aspect.


Two of Wands means it’s the right time to make the decision. You’re doing alright, even if certain things don’t make sense. You’ll have to think big and push for what seems impossible.


The Hanged Man tells you to look at yourself from the inside. Don’t overlook small details, but keep calm and try to see everything from an objective point of view, even when there’s pressure. If you manage to control everything, the decision will be a piece of cake.


Finally, the Eight of Swords tells you to stop ignoring the problem. It’s there, and it’s about to explode. Sometimes, you just have to go all in and make a decision based on the outcome.


How the King and Queen tarot cards can help with major decisions


From all these cards about big decisions, King and Queen cards are likely to give you more guidance. Here’s what you should know:


  • Queen of Cups means that your intuition is great, and you should actually pay attention to it.
  • Queen of Pentacles tells you that you’re about to get some useful advice. Stay positive and follow it with confidence.
  • Queen of Swords means that whatever’s going on around you, it’s down to earth and realistic. Get rid of clutter, even if it actually means getting rid of toxic people.
  • Queen of Wands indicates a loyal friend that will give you excellent advice.
  • King of Cups tells you that a close friend or family member is about to give you good advice.
  • King of Pentacles underlines resources, including financial resources that can help with your decision.
  • King of Swords relates to a few useful ideas, but you’ll still have to use your intuition to pick the best ones.
  • King of Wands has your back. Focus on the big picture and see everything from the outside in order to make the best choice.


As a final conclusion, understanding what the universe and spirits are trying to tell you will certainly help with all kinds of decisions. Tarot cards provide imagery and guidance, as well as the right energy to push you the right way.


A professional reading will not just help you achieve your goals, but it will also tell you which way to go to gain as much as possible from your decision in the long run.​

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