Capricorn Zodiac Sign – An Introduction

Capricorn zodiac sign people prove to be a resourceful and practical manager within assigned areas. Capricorns are self critical and they set high standards for both themselves and others. They like to work in a disciplined environment and demand equal level of dedication and hard work from his subordinates.

capricorn zodiac sign

Capricorn is a lover of deliberate persistence and is an ambitious and meticulous planner with a keen sense of economy that demonstrates their sheer ability to achieve organized results with least expense or effort. They excel in managing and supervising several projects simultaneously. You tend to take your time to acquire any goal with methodical, practical and thoughtful approach.

The lighter side of Capricorns seldom come forefront. The innate sense of competition and aggression to win makes you good at sports like golf, athletics, boxing; body building but not so good in sportsmanship as you lack graceful acceptance of any defeat or failure.

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