Leo Zodiac Sign – Negative Personality

Bad LeoLavish, grand, speculative lifestyles of Leos are not trouble free as they lose temper whenever things are not up to their expectations. In personal life this often results in marital friction and gives birth to infidelity and polygamy. The in-born attention seeking Leos, often end up annoying others as their sense of extremity and impulsiveness seldom matches the plebeian mentality.

Being a perfectionist Leo sun sign people like to find errors in others’ work and make life hell for them. However the worst situation arises in Leo’s life when someone hurts their long boosted ego. Another unfortunate incident arises when the extravagance in the Lion king’s life sometimes brings severe financial crisis but with their strong will power and determination they overcome it in no time.

Leo Pet Astrology

Like the Leo personality, the Leo pets also love to be at the helm of all affairs. They like to feel as if they are the head of the house and family. Moving around gracefully and with an air of elegance is something which is very commonly found with Leo pets.

Adventure is something which they love. Born under this sign, the Leo pet astrology shows that your pets will know no bound when given the opportunity to run around. They will go as far as you will let them go. Born as leaders of the animal kingdom, you will find the Leo pets having a group of friends following them. Curiosity is an inborn quality of these animals and this may lead them to land up in frequent troubles.

Leo Pet Zodiac

Leo pets are very affectionate towards children; they are over protective towards their masters and will never hesitate to give their lives for the purpose of protecting you.

Though they appear to be tough from outside, but they are very sensitive and emotional by heart. So always be sure to treat the Leo pets with care, love and affection. As pets they love to be pampered, cuddled and petted. Leo pets turn out to be the most loyal, loving and friendly among all the other pets in the zodiac.