Taurus Zodiac Sign – Negative Personality

All you Taurean natives get ready for the revelation of your negative traits. Reading this article about the darker side of your personality could help you to put right yourself. And once you do so the negative vanishes and it could be all positive.

taurus negative traitsTaurus zodiac personality profile shows you are practical and materialistic. You are a slave to your appetite. You can control your expensive habits, but not when it comes to food. You love quality food, that to in good quantity.

Eating cannot be a negative trait. But, your ways are outlandish and bizarre. You put on weight faster than any other zodiac sign. And when the girth swells, you do complain. No amount of dieting works.

Taurus relationships are often too strong; and too fickle at times. You use your brain and only brain. You Taureans are sometimes described as passionate and emotional. The darker truth is that you are passionate about food, money and sex.

Another drawback of Taurus personality is that you are too silent at times. You keep mum and expect that others around you will pay attention to your silence and give you importance. Even in your love relationships you make it very hard for your partner to know you. Materialistic desire is your craving and you dwell in it.

2013-2014 Gemini Health Horoscope

Gemini Health Predictions 2013

Body parts related to Gemini natives are lungs and the respiratory system. So the Gemini zodiac sign should avoid cold since they are prone to bronchitis and asthma. Gemini should practice meditation.

The 2014 Gemini health horoscope also advices your to control your stress and tension if you want to be fit and active in 2013, 2014.

Taurus Pet Astrology

The finer and delicate things of life are something which are well appreciated and liked by the Taurus pets. Born under this zodiac sign the animals are basically very quiet in nature and are also fat and flabby. Among all the other pets in the zodiac, the Taurus pets are the easiest to be tamed and trained.

Taurus Pet Astrology

Giving up easily is something with which these animals are not born with. A little bit of flattery and provocation can make them the best pets you could ever have. Taurean pets are however very cautious at the time of meeting new people; but once they meet people and like them, these little animals can become the most loyal friend.

Gratefulness is one of their inborn qualities and they can do anything for the sake of protecting their owners. Eating, playing and sleeping are their favorite pastimes and are also quite possessive about their belongings.