Scorpio Zodiac Sign – Negative Personality

Hypnotic Scorpions are just like latent volcanoes, subdued aggression buried beneath the placid surface. However you are bound to succumb to their penetrating and magnetic persona as well. Hard to believe, such mighty character like Scorpions also stumbles on some unavoidable impediments in their lives.

For example in spite of being a little over confident they often suffer from inferiority complex where the scorpions feel disgusted by himself but remain too proud to look for any helping hand.


Lack of satisfaction till one point causes plight in scorpion’s lives sometimes but most unfortunate damage is caused by frustrating love affairs and withdrawal of close ones in their lives. Scorpions expect so much from their near and dear circle that they can hardly bear the soreness when expectation falters and other’s response fall short.

Scorpio Pet Astrology

Scorpio Pet Astrology

Among all the other pets of the zodiac, the Scorpio pets are the most loyal and devoted. If you care for your Scorpio pets and treat them with little love and affection in their early life, then it will come back to you in the form of love and loyalty from these animals throughout their life; while if you make the mistake of mistreating them in their early life, then getting the trust and loyalty from the Scorpions may be extremely difficult.

Scorpio animals are full of energy and they are very possessive about their belongings. Emotional and intuitive are the keywords which best describes a Scorpio pet. If the master of a Scorpio pet is upset then you will surely find the little animals close to their masters and comforting him/her throughout. These animals are mysterious and curious too.