Enneagram – The 9 Personality Types Test

Enneagram test is psychological personality quiz that displays one’s view of life and emotional intelligence. This enables one to know themselves and other people better. It lets you know the kind of emotion that characterizes your character. This personality test finds out which of the 9 types of the Enneagram suits your personality.

The Enneagram test is an outstanding human personality judging strategy that is psychological in nature. It is actually based on your endurance and emotional feelings. The Enneagram of personality is a very renowned model of personality assessment. It shows how individuals relate with one another and also the spiritual world.

Enneagram Personality Test
Enneagram Personality Test

Essentially the term Enneagram has its roots in the Greek words ennea (nine) and gram (model). This refers towards the nine inner passions and your hidden psychic abilities. This may not be the solution for all the troubles of life. However it does illustrate the right path for an individual. This personality test extensively is used in a lot of fields, be it alternative medicine and self healing or professions like counselors, teachers, psychologists, executives, and business individuals.

Enneagram test finds which of the 9 Personality types is the most suitable for you in challenging and stress free situations.

Here are the Nine Personality kinds of the Enneagram Quiz:

The Reformer
You are forever in a quest of perfection.

The Helper
You like getting associated with humans. You are forever prepared to aid other people.

The Achiever
You are a genuine battler of existence. You’d like to prevent setbacks by hook or crook.

The Individualist
You will be the private withdrawn kinds.

The Investigator
You are always searching for awareness and divine blessings.


The Loyalist
You’re really faithful and may possibly react powerfully to disloyalty.

The Enthusiast
You happen to be in the hunt for concentrated realization.

The Challenger
You think in truthful trading and influence.

The Peacemaker
You adore developing superior relationships with every person.

Take the Enneagram test now for free and get an instant assessment of your personality.

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