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Chalit or Bhava Chart shows the 12 astrological houses in your Vedic astrology horoscope

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Generate your personal Vedic astrology Bhava Chalit chart online now! A Chalit chart displays the 12 houses in your natal chart in a table format. The 12 astrological houses or Bhavas in Jyotish signify the 12 areas of your life which are most important in your life like family, career, health, relationships, travel, etc. The positions of the planets in these 12 houses can be calculated only when the bhava calculation is done. Each Bhava or house is ruled by a planet known as the House Lord. The Bhava Madhya (center) and Bhava Sandhi (transition) are very important in knowing the effects of the planets on a person's horoscope. Get your free Chalit table now!