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Ascendant sign calculator is a free online astrology prediction tool that helps find your rising sign. In both Western and Vedic astrology a person’s rising sign plays a very important role in horoscope predictions.

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Rising SignSo what exactly is the meaning and definition of the ascendant? Let’s find out! An Ascendant for a person is defined as the zodiac sign ascending on the eastern horizon at the time of birth. This is as essential in astrological calculations. Your rising sign also describes the first impression that you make on people and what you expect from everyone around you.

Your ascendant sign describes the persona that you have chosen to exhibit to society. This may mean that you are hiding your true nature and putting on a mask while dealing with people around you.

In a birth chart this occupies the first house and all other planets are placed in the 12 astrological houses depending on the position of the first house. This changes every 2 hours. Thus, you need to take the help of this online rising sign calculator 2016-2017.

If your rising sign is towards the beginning of the zodiac sign it falls in, then the effect of the ascendant on your horoscope will be stronger than if it falls in the latter half of the zodiac sign. This also has a stronger influence on your natal chart if the sun in placed in the bottom half of the birth chart.

AscendantThe planet that is the lord of you ascendant sign is also known as the “chart ruler”. This chart ruler planet has a major influence on your horoscope thus playing an important role in all your astrology predictions.

In an individual’s horoscope the ascendant occupies one of the cardinal points. The other three points are descendant, Imum Coeli (Nadir) and Medium Coeli (Midheaven). The effect of this on a person’s birth chart is also influenced by the zodiac sign it is placed in and the element for that particular sign like fire, water, air or earth.

For example, people with an Ascendant in Cancer (element – water) are emotional and intuitive while people who have the ascendant placed in Gemini (element – air) are known to have excellent communication skills.

To conclude, now that you know how important the ascendant sign calculation is, do a free test with our ascendant calculator.