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Am I An Empath? Empathy Test 2016 - 2017.

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Am I an Empath? If you have a highly sensitive intuition and can feel things much before others or you have a sense of feeling and extra sensory perception. You most probably have a high Empath Quotient. Know if you just are just only intuitive or more of an Empath with this amazing free empathy quotient quiz 2016-2017 now!

Being empathic means much more than being intuitive. If you feel for others emotions or feel drained out, then there is something to think about. There are different kinds of empathy. Intuition is something one feels for others. Precognition is a sense of some future happening. Telepathy includes both thoughts as well as feelings.

A person who is empathic looks at what is seen and what is not seen. Thus one is able to understand or feel from a different perspective. An Empath feels connected at deeper levels. Thus one can get in touch with thoughts and feelings of others that are otherwise hidden.

Take this Empathy Quotient test 2016, 2017 to know if you are Empathic, Intuitive or a Feeler! Develop your psychic abilities accordingly and understand your healing gifts. Learn how to connect to others and at the same time feel disconnected enough to be able to help them.

Elsie leighframe
its really good ..jusdt aslong as you answer the questions rite and not what you feel like :)
Oh yeah
I would like to knwo if I have a good future