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Celtic zodiac finds your magical Druid Astrology tree sign based on the Ogham alphabet of the Celts

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The Druid Horoscope is also called the Celtic Zodiac Signs. This form of Celtic astrology depends on a moon calendar which includes thirteen months and every month is influenced by a magical tree. Get your own free Druid zodiac report and understand your personality better.

Celts allocated every thirty day period to a tree. People born in a month were seen as having personality traits depending on the tree for that month. Each and every tree is additionally related using to the Celt alphabet or Celtic Ogham.

An ancient magical Rune alphabet 'Ogham' initiated the improvement of a Celtic horoscope. In contrast to the Tropical or other ancient forms of astrology, Celtic zodiac or Druid horoscope, encompasses thirteen zodiac signs.

The world was seen as one big tree by the Druids. Thus each month was designated a mystical tree depending on each tree's magical qualities which in turn depended on the lunar phases. Every single Celtic astrology sign matches to a specific tree. It is also considered that a person's nature is notable by the distinct impact of the mystical tree for that Druid sign. The 13 Celtic tree signs of the Druid Astrology are the following: The Hawthorn, The Rowan, The Alder, The Reed, The Ash, The Hazel, The Willow, The Elder, The Oak, The Holly, The Birch, The Vine and The Ivy.

A Celtic Zodiac report provides detailed meanings of your Druid sign with your many personality attributes likes your lucky colors, fortunate month, letter, flower, lucky gems, planet, deity, polarity and other personal details. Get a free Druid astrology reading now and know the meaning of your mystical Celt tree.